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The search facility allows you to draw upon content from the University website, blog server and staff directory.  You can also use the filter function to display content from only one of those sources, or just the content that is referenced directly in the Portal itself. 

To use the search, simply enter your desired subject into the search box and click on the magnifying glass icon.

blank search box

In this example, the search term "moodle" has been entered.  

The search has  returned 345 results, and the first ten are displayed on the page below.

In order to narrow down your search, you could add further keywords and re-search, or use the filter function to help find the most suitable content. 

On a desktop screen, the filter options will appear to the left of your search results,  while on a mobile device, the filter options can be accessed by clicking on the  "Filter result" bar.  

This will expand the filter menu and you can simply select the filter you wish to apply.

Search results - expanded filter

In the example below, Staff Portal was selected as a filter, and the results for the search reduced to just 2 items.

Search results - filtered by Portal

You can check to see if any filters are applied by again clicking on the "Filter results" bar, and see what is highlighted. 

You can also change your filter option, simply by selecting a different option.

search results - highlighting filter

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