New anti-spam and anti-virus solution for e-mail IT and Library Services

Annually, the University receives an estimated 55 million inbound e-mail messages, of which 75% will be identified as spam or rejected as malicious. However, of the remaining 14 million messages a large proportion will be spam that has been able to bypass the current e-mail filter systems.

To address this issue, ILS are about to introduce a new enterprise E-mail Security solution. This will ensure that the University of Greenwich has a system that is able to anticipate the growth of staff and student e-mail communication requirements; and the ever increasing volume of unsolicited spam.

Over the coming weeks the new service will be introduced. Initially e-mails addressed to ‘’ will be placed behind the service. This will be followed with ‘’; and then all other domains that the University currently receives e-mail to. For the most part the changes should be transparent. A period of fine tuning the filtering and also enabling additional security features is anticipated to last approximately 2 months.  During this period we request that you please inform the Helpdesk should you experience any unusual activity with respect to your e-mail.

During the initial phase it is not planned to scan outbound e-mail messages from the University. This will be introduced once it is satisfied that inbound messaging is performing optimally.

Further notices will be sent out prior to any major change to this service and upon service introduction in the next week or so.

Last updated: 23 Aug 2017

Submitted by: ILS