New ILS Staff Colours IT and Library Services

Staff at the Drill Hall Library have always worn black “staff” tops, and the new library in the Stockwell Street development provides the perfect opportunity for that model to be introduced across the University. Stockwell Street Library staff will wear either a black or blue T-shirt / polo shirt with distinctive Stockwell Street artwork, created by designers Holmes-Wood. 

Ginny Malone, Head of Library Services, explains “When we open the doors on the 15th of September any student that walks through our doors will be a “new student” to the building not just the freshers. The campus will potentially have over 9,000 students and 2,000 members of staff. At the entrance there will be a welcome desk but  the basement, first and second  floor will not have static desks with people sat behind them instead there will be help points where staff may be stationed but with the expectation they roam constantly and the space is huge. The T shirt is to make staff easily identified and I think that is very important. For the first year of the building opening we can expect hundreds of visitors ranging from architects, Librarians, IT, environmentalists and the local community and I think it totally appropriate that a member of staff showing them round is dressed to be associated with the building.”

Library Staff t-shirt

Members of the First and Second Line IT support teams (working on the helpdesk, Lab support, performing routine classroom / lecture theatre checks and office support) will be adorned slightly differently, in a black or navy blue T-shirt / polo shirt, with “IT Support” on the back and under the University compass logo on front left.

Watch out for the new ILS colours in the coming weeks, but please remember that should you see a member of one of the teams dashing from one building to another, they may be rushing to resolve an issue in a packed lecture or seminar. Please don’t be offended in they don’t stop and chat – and remember the first port of call for any IT issues should be the ILS Helpdesk

Last updated: 23 Aug 2017

Submitted by: ILS