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Video and Audio Capture

Following the successful trial of Panopto by a number of staff and students across the University during the last academic year, the University has adopted it as the system to capture video and audio in support of teaching and learning.

During the trial, the system was successfully used in a number of ways including the recording of live lectures and the Students' Union AGM, provision of audio and video feedback to students, and recording of student presentations.

The system is compatible with many types of recording equipment, from built-in laptop devices and USB webcams to professional microphones and high definition cameras.  Recordings can be viewed on PCs and Macs via Moodle, and there is an app for both Android phones and Apple iOS devices.

Over the coming months more academic staff will be trained in the use of the system, and it is expected that use of Panopto will grow. During the summer classrooms and lecture theatres have been updated to support the use of the system, and guidance on how to use it is available from the following link:

Last updated: 23 Aug 2017

Submitted by: IT & Library Services