Portal IT and Library Services

Basic Description:

This service provides users with channels of information and resources needed for their studies at UoG. This includes access to Moodle and BannerWeb as well as library services The service is accessed via http://portal.gre.ac.uk

Key Features / Benefits:

    • Single sign-on to UoG web based systems
    • Communication between staff and students
    • Consistent look and feel
    • Helps users find information more easily

Our Responsibility:

ILS will maintain the servers, applications and infrastructure necessary to provide this service.

IT Service Desk staff will attempt to answer any query related to this service.  If they are unable to do so, or provide the customer with the information that they require, the matter will be referred to another member of staff with the relevant expertise or responsibility.

All calls to the IT Service Desk are logged and the customer will be given an incident reference number to assist in tracking progress of the incident or request.

Customer Responsibility:

To report any problems with this service to ILS via the IT Service Desk (Ext 7555) or email itservicedesk@gre.ac.uk

To provide the IT Service Desk or any member of ILS staff with their username and contact details for incident logging purposes, and as much detail of any incidents of problems observed, including times and dates when possible.


This service may be subject to the standard Tuesday morning 7am – 9am routine maintenance period.

There are no other restrictions to this service other than eligibility

Customer Service Issues:

Any dissatisfaction with the service should be addressed in the first instance to the IT Service Desk:
E-mail: itservicedesk@gre.ac.uk
Telephone: 020 8331 7555 You may also submit a query online

Support Hours:

Core support hours 09.00 – 17.00 weekdays other than University and Bank Holidays.

Why are we launching a new Portal?

The old Portal has been in existence for 8 years and has been incredibly successful but the platform it was built on has become increasingly restrictive and is out of support. This has given us the opportunity to overhaul the Portal and address limitations of the old system and better reflect the needs of students and staff in 2016. To establish the needs of users multiple workshops have been conducted with staff and students, outside expertise has been brought in and tests have been carried to determine the 'findability' of information on the new Portal. The new Portal brings a range of improvements:

  • Mobile-friendly design.
  • Distinct staff and student sites, allowing staff to view the Portal as students would see it.
  • Information organised in a way that reflects how people use it.
  • A comprehensive search tool allowing users to search the Portal, university websites and the staff directory.
  • Ability to better target information at specific populations of staff and students.
  • A design that replicates the look and feel of the University website.

How the new Portal is laid out

Quick links

Quick links are a set of links to the most commonly used systems and services, displayed at the top of every page. Page menu Below the quick links are the page menus which allow navigation around the Portal. Different audiences see different sets of pages.


  • The Home page includes announcements, University news, timely information and University social media.
  • My learning focuses on services and information related to students' learning journeys, for example teaching, assessments and using the library.
  • My student life focuses on the day-to-day aspects of life at Greenwich, for example travel and transport, accommodation and the student unions.
  • The Help & advice page covers a range of additional support and services for students.
  • The Research page provides a source of information for research students and staff.
  • Faculty of Engineering and Science students get an additional page link to Fesweb, that faculty's intranet.


  • The Home page includes internal staff news, announcements, University news, timely information and University social media.
  • The New staff page pulls together information needed by staff new to the University and is displayed for the first six months after joining.
  • Learning support focuses on teaching and staff development.
  • Staff services covers a broad range of resources and information relevant to all staff.
  • The Research page provides a source of information for research students and staff.
  • Faculty of Engineering and Science staff get an additional page link to Fesweb, that faculty's intranet.


Search using any keyword, phrase or name and you will get results from the Portal, the University website, the staff directory and the University's blogs server. You can then refine your search and filter by those individual systems.

Page content

Pages are made up of portlets. Portlets can contain individual links, groups of related links, text, images, live information such as your library account and additional search tools, for example LibrarySearch. Customisation Though not ready in time for launch work is underway to provide customisation options, allowing you to personalise what you see on the Portal.

Last updated: 01 Oct 2018