Leaving the University IT and Library Services

As part of an ongoing programme of IT security, access to your user accounts at the University will be disabled, and data subsequently deleted.

Please note:

IT and Library Services will disable your accounts 90 days after you have completed your studies. This date varies from course to course, and can be found at the bottom of the page, in the "Date of Decision" field by clicking on the "View Your Student Profile" link in the "Student Records (BannerWeb)" channel of the Portal.

After this 90 day period, you will not be able to access your files, your email or any other university resources which rely upon your account.

Please take note of the following and act now to ensure you take copies of any files and e-mails you may need in the future

Leaving the University

This short video provides advice and guidance to avoid losing work you wish to keep before your account is disabled.


Your University IT  & Library Account  (Username and password) is linked to various other systems and as it is disabled, your access to other University resources (including Virtual Learning Platforms such as Moodle and Panopto) will cease.

Library Resources

  • Before you leave, please ensure you return all your Library books and pay off any fines you may have.
  • Please check the opening hours for the University's libraries at http://www.gre.ac.uk/it-and-library/library/opening-hours.
  • You can check your account for loans and charges by logging into the portal and selecting My library account from the My learning tab https://portal.gre.ac.uk/web/student/my-learning
  • If you have lost a book, you will need to pay for its replacement. Please contact your home library at http://libguides.gre.ac.uk/ if you would like to receive an invoice. We are unable to give refunds if you later find the book so do have a good look first. If you pay and then find the book, it's yours to keep.
  • Fines and invoice payments can be made by cash or card via the self-service machines.
    Alternatively, you can pay by telephone. For Avery Hill and Stockwell Street call 0208 331 9651 between 9am - 12pm and 2pm - 5pm, Monday to Friday.
    For the Drill Hall library, telephone payments (credit or debit card) for fines over £5.00 can be made between the hours of 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday by calling 01634 883951, and 11am - 5pm Saturday-Sunday (term time only) by calling 01634 883278.

G:\ Drive (Home Area) Files:

  • Take a copy of any data or files that you wish to retain from your University G drive as you will not be able to access these files once your account has been disabled. 

University provided Microsoft OneDrive for Business Cloud Storage:

  • Take a copy of any data or files that you wish to retain from your OneDrive for Business area as you will not be able to access these files once your account has been disabled. 

Microsoft Office installed on PCs / Macs / Tablets or Mobile Phones via the University Office 365 agreement. 

If you have downloaded and installed any copies of Microsoft Office (only via the University's Office 365 agreement), the link to your OneDrive for Business area will cease. Initially you will be unable to save or open files from that area. Microsoft Office programmes (eg, Word or Excel) will flash up a warning message that the software is no longer licensed. Shortly after that the programmes will change into "Read Only" mode, which should allow you to open existing documents but not make any changes to them. Microsoft documentation states that you can re-license Office (with your own personal subscription, or if you are studying at another institution with an Office 365 agreement) and the software will re-activate with the latest available version.  

University Google Mail e-mails and Google Drive Files:

  • Upon leaving the University you will not be able to access your old e-mail account and any e-mails sent to it.  You should set up an alternative account with an e-mail provider and start to inform friends and colleagues of your new address, update your CV, any social media sites or any other online accounts which may use that e-mail address.
  • Log into your University Google Mail account and take a copy of any e-mails you wish to retain from your student e-mail account. 
  • Take a copy of any data or files that you wish to retain from your University Google Drive as you will not be able to access these files once your account has been disabled. 

Print Credit refunds:

If you would like to register with the University's Alumni Association to stay in contact you can do so at http://alumni.gre.ac.uk/

Please remember your data is your responsibility; we would encourage all students to take steps to ensure that any e-mails or data they wish to keep have been backed up to a new non-University location, and would also remind you of the need for ongoing awareness of IT security

Kind regards
IT Service Desk

Last Updated: 28 Aug 2018