Wireless access points IT and Library Services

The University wireless zones can be found in the following localities with varying degrees of coverage:

Wireless zones are indicated by a blue dot. Blue Dot

Avery Hill Southwood Site

Access points can be found in David Fussey Building, Mary Seacole Building, Bronte Building, Grey Building Southwood House, Jane Seymour Court, Aragorn Court Offices and The Dome.

Please Note: Coverage in Southwood House is minimal and only available near room G10.


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Avery Hill Mansion Site

Access points can be found in Tower Building, Bird Sanctuary Building, Mansion Main Building, Student Union Building, Library and Honeycomb Building.


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Access points can be found in Queen Mary Court, Queen Anne Court, King William Court, Dreadnought Library, Stephen Lawrence Building and Cooper Building. The whole of the Stockwell Street building is also wireless enabled.


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Access points can be found in Pembroke building, Blake building, Nelson building, Anson building, Jellicoe Building, Grenville Building, Wolfson Centre, Pilkington Building, Hawke Building and Drill Hall Library.


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