Centre for Research and Enterprise in Language

The Centre for Research and Enterprise in Language (CREL) at the University of Greenwich is a cross-disciplinary space for the study of language.

CREL is a multidisciplinary setting for the study of language that fosters research of international excellence and impact through collaboration, knowledge-exchange, training and mentorship. CREL hosts researchers from the areas of Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Literature, Creative Writing, Psychology, Education, Sociology, Speech and Language Therapy and Mathematics and Computing. Collaboration across these disciplines enables the integration of insights from quantitative and cognitive analyses in the research of language and literature and enhances overall pathways to impact in, for example, education or speech and language therapy.

Language, Asylum Seekers & the Home Office

Watch our latest seminar with guest speaker Dr Mohammed Ateek, University of Leicester. Mohammed discusses asylum seekers’ views and experiences with the language test LADO and how it is used as a gatekeeper by the Home Office.

International Multilingualism Summer School 2023

Bookings now open for the online Multilingualism Summer School, 3-7 July 2023. This online summer school offers an immersive learning experience on multiple facets on multilingualism facilitated by scholars internationally recognised.

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English Language and Literature at Greenwich is concerned to highlight issues of diversity and marginality through powerful creative writing, challenging literary critical history and rigorous linguistic analysis.

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Whether you’re studying great works of literature, the language itself or are being inspired by great writing to find your own creative voice, you’ll learn on a UNESCO World Heritage Site in one of the world’s great cultural capitals.