Centre for Research and Enterprise in Language


Multilingualism Summer School

This international summer school offers an immersive learning experience on multiple facets on multilingualism facilitated by scholars internationally recognised, and the opportunity to access international networks.

Organised by the Centre for Research and Enterprise in Language (CREL), University of Greenwich (UK) and the Centre for Linguistics, Language Education and Acquisition Research (CLLEAR), University of Southampton (UK) with the collaboration of the Center for Language Science (CLS) from Pennsylvania State University (USA).

Summer School 2022

Summer School 2021

Open Lecture | Professor Lydia White, James McGill Professor Emeritus of Linguistics

Professor Lydia White delivers an Open Lecture at the International Multilingualism Summer School 2021, on linguistic competence and methods to assess it. Professor White is a world renowned expert in second language acquisition and fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in the Academy of Arts and Humanities.

CREL-ILD Science Practice Hub

The Science Practice Hub (SciPHub) provides a space for researchers across faculties to reflect on science practices critically and share expertise to strengthen the capability of research. It is a joint initiative from the Centre for Research and Enterprise in Language (CREL) and the Institute for Lifecourse Development (ILD), open to every interested researcher.

  • Science dialogues (Dr Uher): regular seminars led by volunteers (research staff). Active and constructive dialogue among scholars from different sciences about key topics in the making of science (e.g., objectivity, scientific terms, measures).
  • ReproducibiliTea Journal Club (Dr Samara): UK Reproducibility Network supported journal club on Open & Reproducible Science; discussion on reproducibility/replication, meta-science.
  • Practice workshops (Dr Palacios): focused on quantitative and computational methods as well as mathematical modelling applied to language questions.
  • Science lectures (Prof Arche): lectures given by guest speakers on controversial issues on science practice (e.g., methodology, epistemology).


The Institute for Lifecourse Development
Instituto Cervantes of London
Shadow Heroes 
Thomas Tallis School 
Centre for Linguistics, Language Education and Acquisition Research (CLLEAR, in Modern Languages and Linguistics at the University of Southampton 
Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation  
Language Analysis in Schools: Education & Research (LASER) 
Secondary School International Academy of Greenwich