Greenwich Learning and Teaching aims to provide:

  • A high-profile 'home' for learning and teaching, which is a vital and valuable partner in achieving, recognising and sharing excellence university-wide.
  • Coordinated leadership and support of learning and teaching quality assurance and enhancement which is embedded across the university and academic lifecycle.
  • A portfolio of learning and teaching development activity that is focused on strategic priorities and on staff and student experience.
  • A forum for academic and student engagement with and ownership of the learning and teaching agenda, strengthening the university's capability for educational excellence and our impact on the quality of learning and teaching across the university.

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Meet the team


Greenwich Learning and Teaching is committed to enabling the university to fulfil its strategic vision to change students' lives through outstanding teaching and learning.

Benefits for staff include:             

  • Comprehensive support and development for your role in teaching and supporting learning, including a range of development and recognition opportunities, and access to diverse events and resources to share practice.
  • Expert information, advice and guidance to support your curriculum, learning and teaching design and development activities.
  • Opportunities to get involved with strategic learning and teaching enhancement initiatives.

Benefits for students include:

  • Support for all programme teaching teams to ensure high-quality, distinctive curricula and outstanding teaching and learning experiences.
  • Opportunities to get involved with local and institutional learning and teaching enhancement activities.

Benefits for the university include:

  • An expert team to inform, guide and coordinate strategic developments in learning and teaching; and to manage the institution's regulatory commitments relating to academic quality and standards.
  • A portfolio of provision to enable all staff to achieve an accredited teaching qualification.