External examiners are key to the maintenance of academic standards for all programmes of study in the University.

    Institutions with degree awarding powers are responsible for the academic standards of the awards they offer and external examining provides one of the principal means for maintaining UK threshold academic standards. 

    The University requires appointment of external examiners drawn from higher education, industry, and relevant professions. Those appointed to oversee our modules and programmes should be suitably qualified and experienced in the subject or specialism to which the appointment relates.  Based on their qualifications and experience, external examiners are able to provide carefully considered advice on the academic standards of the awards, programmes and/or modules to which they have been assigned and can offer advice on good practice and opportunities to enhance the quality of those programmes and modules.

  • Nominate a new external examiner
  • Extend or modify an external examiner's contract
  • Respond to an external examiner annual report
  • Discontinue an external examining tenure

Managing Academic Standards

In order to assure standards of marking and the consistency of student progression and degree classification, the University operates a two-tier examination board system managed by its Faculties:  Subject Assessment Panels (SAPs), and Progression and Award Boards (PABs).  This two-tier system is overseen by appointed external examiners who provide the University with an annual independent view of the standards of University assessments, student work and the resulting awards conferred on individuals.

Subject Assessment Panels (SAPs) are convened to review and address cohort standards, assessment practice and marking standards for all modules under its remit.

Progression and Award Boards meet in order to make decisions on student progression and degree classification according to the academic regulations of the University.