In accordance with the External Examiner's contract of employment, both the External Examiner and the University have the right to terminate this contract at any time by giving the other party at least one academic term's notice.

Notice may be given by the External Examiner if a serious conflict of interest arises or if they are unable to undertake their duties because of illness or for any other reason.  Equally, notice may be given by the University if the programme for which the external is responsible ceases to run.

During their term of office, if an External Examiner fails to carry out their duties (including submission of an annual report) without good reason, the Head of Department/School or their nominee should contact the External Examiner to ascertain whether they still wish to continue in the role.  

If the Examiner does not wish to continue, the Head of Department/School should ensure that a procedure is put in place so that the duties involved are completed satisfactorily, or to ensure they can be discharged successfully in the future.  If this proves not to be possible, the Head of Department/School should ask the Greenwich Learning and Teaching (GLT) to terminate the appointment.

Useful Guidance Documents

E10 A General Guide to Ending an external examiner Arrangement