Only approved partners can offer programmes in collaboration with the University.

The appraisal of prospective new partnerships, and their periodic re-appraisal, is conducted by the Partnership Working Group (PWG). A prospective partner (other than a UK degree-awarding body) needs to be able to demonstrate that it can offer an appropriate higher education environment for students before it can be considered for partnership delivery of a University of Greenwich award.

The appraisal of prospective partnerships is a two-stage process. At stage 1, Partnership Strategy Group (PSG) assess the Prospective Partner Rationale to ensure that the proposal is in line with the University's mission and strategic objectives.


Forms to submit to Partnership Strategy Group for the approval of a new partnership:

Stage 1

Form PSG1 should be completed for TNE partners only after completing the Initial Stages of Identifying a New Partner.

Stage 2

Useful Documents