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The Pandora+ system is a smart, rich multimedia simulation environment used for training groups or individuals.

The Pandora+ system is designed to enhance and expand training exercises for strategic level (Gold) commanders in crisis management who are specifically engaged in the development of strategic plans to deal with a wide range of potential crisis situations that can arise in civil society e.g. terrorism events. However, the system is generic and can be used for training in a wide variety of fields.

Key features include:

  • Easy to develop, adapt and upload your own scenarios
  • Trainer can adapt scenario on the fly during training e.g. add a new event, slow down or speed up the delivery of events in the scenario
  • Realistic training provided through the ability to manipulate the emotions and stress of trainees captured through: pre-event information, bio-metric inputs, use of affective media, trainer inputs, self-reporting by trainees
  • Development of a range of skills and capabilities in trainees e.g. strategic thinking, negotiation and decision making skills
  • Ability to simulate scenario players e.g. a missing trainee
  • Recording of all training activities for post-training debrief and analysis
  • Trainees can be geographically co-located in a training room or distributed
  • Generic design means can be used for a wide variety of training applications e.g. transport (including sea and air), military strategic planning, health service delivery planning, organisational strategic planning, local government service delivery planning, stock portfolio planning.

The Pandora+ systems is being developed by the University of Greenwich, in conjunction with T4R and is based on the Pandora system developed as a result of the EU FP7 project, grant agreement 225387, funding Scheme: Joint Call FP7-ICT-SEC-2007-1

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