Alexandra Antonopoulou

Dr Alexandra Antonopoulou MA, PgCert, PhD

Alexandra Antonopoulou

Dr Alexandra Antonopoulou
MA, PgCert, PhD

Senior Lecturer

Department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts

Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities

Dr Alexandra Antonopoulou is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts. Alexandra has completed a Masters at Chelsea College of Arts - University of the Arts London and a PhD at Goldsmiths - University of London. She has also been lecturing for both Goldsmiths and the University of the Arts.

Alexandra has worked as an illustrator and designer in several fields such as branding, book design, animation, game and interaction design, fashion and textiles. She has published numerous picture books and products for children and adults. Additionally, she has collaborated with interaction design research units developing radical book forms for health-care, cultural heritage, research data collection processes and research communication purposes. She has also been involved in the development of installations and technologies ranging from subversive dream visualization and interdisciplinary collaboration apps to participatory fairy-tale forms that interlink design and narrative with psychology and culture.

Working at the intersection between design education, narrative theory and science, Alexandra lectures and runs activities in different international settings (museums, schools, universities, businesses and festivals). She is part of the 'Arshake: reinventing technology' scientific committee, while her research and practice has been showcased at the Victoria & Albert Museum, the London Design Museum, the Whitechapel Gallery, the E4 channel, MTV, the EU Researchers' Night events, the Music Tech Festival and other institutions and universities around the world.

Alexandra's teaching is closely connected to her research on materiality, research methods, narrative, creativity and pedagogy. Considering design and story-making processes as tools for everyone's life, Alexandra's multidisciplinary teaching practice encourages debates about forms of everyday inventiveness and our multiple agencies as designers-creators, teachers, story-makers and researchers. She leads and lectures both practice and theory based modules across the department's programmes.

Selected professional and academic distinctions:

2010: Three year Postgraduate Research Award, Goldsmiths University of London

2007: Design Museum: Analyse your practice - Distinction and selection of work in the framework of 'Alan Fletcher – 50 Years of Work' exhibition

2007: Channel Four, UK - First prize for moving identity competition

2006: Postgraduate Research Award, Greek Institute of National Scholarships

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Scientific committee member for the 'Arshake: Reinventing Technology'

Visiting Scholar, Beijing Institute of Graphic Design Communication, China

Visiting Scholar, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, China


Alexandra's research interests and supervision is located in the following

broadly defined areas:

- Research methods, materiality and practice

- Creativity, imagination and design

-The construction of the self, story-making and drawing

- Arts and Design teaching and learning

- Interdiciplinarity, authorship, power and participation

- Innovation, processes and practices

- Child and adult play

- Fairy-tales, speculation, narrative and performance

- Utopias, societies and design ethics

- Curriculum, ethics and progressive pedagogy

- Learning environments and styles

Funded research projects

2015: 'Researcher's Night': Science Communication (EU)

2015: 'Creative Ring. Gamification of the city Umea': Enhancing tourist experience while inventing new ways of interacting with culture. (EU, Specific programme)

2009: 'Lodeland Project': Devising playful methods for teaching 3D animation and game design (Higher Education Academy & Southampton Solent)

2009: 'Around my Home in 80 days': Story-book probe for research data collection (Interaction Research Studio- Goldsmiths)

2008: 'Phi Books': Algorithmic house stories as a method for interdisciplinary collaboration and participation (Goldsmiths University of London)

2008: 'The family cookbook': Interactive cookbook exploring notions of authorship, collective identity and culture (Culture Lab - Newcastle University)

  • Antonopoulou, A., Dare, E. (2015) 'Emerging forms of collaboration: Communities of practice online through networked fictions dreams and stories', in Cultural, Behavioral, and Social Considerations, in Electronic Collaboration (eds) Kok, A., Lee. H., the Advances in Human and Social Aspects of Technology Series, IGI Global
  • Antonopoulou, A., (2012) 'Story-Making in Designing and Learning: Ways to Establish Partnership between Children and Designers', in Creative Engagements with Children: International Perspectives (eds) Jackobs, R., Interdisciplinary Press, Oxford
  • Antonopoulou, A., (2009) 'Once upon a time, there was me; Constructing and deconstructing narratives to make and remake knowledge, worlds and futures', in Creativity and the child: Interdisciplinary perspectives (eds) Turgeon, D. Interdisciplinary Press, Oxford

Selected Journal publications

  • Antonopoulou, A., Dare, E. (2012) 'Phi territories: neighbourhoods of collaboration and participation' in Journal of Writing, in Creative Practice, Vol.5, (eds) Lockheart, J., Wood, J. Intellect: Publishers of Original Thinking 

Selected Papers in Conference Proceedings

  • Antonopoulou, A., Dare, E. (2013) 'The Digital Dreamhacker: Crowdsourcing the dream imaginary', Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2013, Sydney
  • Antonopoulou, A., (2011) 'Perspectives on Learning in Design & Technology Education: Story-making in Designing and learning' in PATT 25:CRIPT8 Perspectives on Learning in Design & Technology Education (eds) Stables, K., Benson, C., Vries, M., Goldsmiths, University of London

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  • Antonopoulou, A., (2017), The Value of Being a Discipline Wanderer and Wonderer: Learning from the Children, 'Somewhere In Between: Borders and Borderlands' conference, London
  • Antonopoulou, A., Antonaki, K., (2016), Let's have a laugh, 'Laughter and Humour in Visual Communication' conference, Warsaw
  • Antonopoulou, A., (2016), Curating one-Self: A liberal act of self-development, 'Besides the Screen' conference, Brazil
  • Antonopoulou, A., (2015), When Design and Story-making meet research, 'Hub Science', Athens

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