Anastasios Maragiannis

Dr Anastasios Maragiannis Dip, BA Hons, PGCE, MA, PhD

Deputy Head of School of Design

Key details

Dr Anastasios Maragiannis
Dip, BA Hons, PGCE, MA, PhD

Deputy Head of School of Design

A designer, academic and researcher, Dr Anastasios Maragiannis has devoted his career to exploring and understanding the fundamentals of design diversity and inclusion, within the context of the digital landscape and a multidisciplinary approach to design thinking. Anastasios is currently the Deputy Head School of Design at the University of Greenwich, London and a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts. He is the leading the d+iD – diversity + inclusivity by Design Research Lab which explores how design acts inclusively regardless of disability, gender, ethnicity, vulnerability, language, and age. 

He is also the Design Critique Lead for TypeThursday London with great interest on how computational technologies impact on the existing principles and forms of design (readability and legibility). Anastasios presented in a number of international conferences and he has been showing his work in various places including the London Design Festival, and the V&A Museum, London.

Anastasios has taught at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at Kingston University, UEL, Goldsmiths, University of London, University of Arts, London, and in various UK and international institutions including Athens, Atlanta, Paris, Seattle, Ningbo-China, Istanbul and Berlin.

He has also participated and chaired various international conferences including TYPECON in USA, TYPOBERLIN in Germany, DRHA in China and ISEA in Turkey, Australia and Canada.

Responsibilities within the university

- Portfolio Lead - Design (Animation, Graphic and Digital Design and Web Design)
- TEF Coordinator for the School of Design
- Internationalising & Collaborations Leader with a focus in EU, North America and South Asia
- Higher Education Academy Mentor
- Academic Portfolio Leader Design



2017  Early Career Researcher Highly Commend Research Poster

2013  Staff member of the year Recognition Award – University of Greenwich


IIID Member - International Institute for Information Design
AIGA Member - the professional association for design (USA)
Staff member of the year Recognition Award - University of Greenwich
Member of The International Council of Graphic Design Associations, (ICOGRADA)
Member of D&AD, University Network Membership, (UK)


  • MISTD - Elected Member of the International Society of Typographic Designers
  • MInstLM - Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management
  • He is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy;  
  • A Member of Thursday Club Board, Goldsmiths University of London; 
  • The Deputy Chair of Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts International organisation.

Research / Scholarly interests

Dr Maragiannis is available for Research PhD supervision.

Anastasios is currently the leader for the diversity + inclusivity by design Research lab. Research explores how design inclusively engages people deeply throughout the design process, to share our practices and to amalgamate people's unique knowledge into design interventions, where design acts inclusively regardless of disability, gender, ethnicity, vulnerability, language and age. Through Collaboration Research the lab is exploring the changing digital landscape; the conceptualisation of design practices and redefining the communication process through co-design processes. Find out more at

Keywords: Co-design, Participatory Design, Practice research, Interdisciplinary Design, gender, Diversity, Inclusion

Current Funded research projects participation 

EYES - The EYES EU funded research project (£4m) brings together 4 bilingual training sites and prepare 25 coaches to run the pilots in the Ruhr area, Greater London, Flemish triangle, European Metropolis of Lille, and Tilburg, supported by a common helpdesk.

Diversity+Inclusivity by Design: Empowering Individuals Research Project (Supported by Cyprus Embassy UK)

Media activity

Press/ Media:

  • PASADENA NOW – USA Newspaper: on my work to Discuss Effects of BREXIT on Creative Industries, Design Diversity (2019)
  • Neurodiversity and Digital Inclusion, Annual Report, on the impact of the diversity and inclusivity by design research (2018)
  • BlueWings magazine, Interview on d+iD research Hub and design diplomacy – Helsinki Design week (2017)
  • MaltaToday 24/7 online newspaper about the DRHA and the Challenges of the Digital (2017)
  • Faculti. Net International, interview on Creative Collaborations (2015)


  •  Maragiannis, A. and Ashford, R., 2019. Diversity and Inclusivity in the Age of Wearables: A Buzzword, a Myth, an Uncertain Reality. Body, Space & Technology, 18(1), pp.198–214. DOI:
  • Maragiannis, A., 2017-2020. Diversity and Inclusivity by Design Exhibition Portfolio. The outcomes of the research include a collection of artefacts; 1 exhibition catalogue (ISBN: 978-0-244-17350-0); 1 research book publication funded by Ministry of Culture Cyprus Embassy London; an educational film (TED-ed); a series of specialist talks; Three International panel discussions; a trilogy of International exhibitions in London, Athens and Malta, part of London, Design Festival; 2 policies for International Organisations.
  • Papadaki, Elena , Maragiannis, Anastasios and Chatzichristodoulou, Maria (2018) Digital Cultural Heritage in the 'land of the ancient': the case of Greece (panel discussion). In: DRHA 2018 - Creative Legacies: Collaborative Practices for Digital Cultural Heritage, 9-12 September 2018, Valletta, Malta.
  • Jefferies, J., Maragiannis, A. (2015) 'Twitter': Practice in Writing : A recipe for Creativity & Creative Interpretation, Vancouver, ISBN:978-1-910172-00-1
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  • Maragiannis, A, (2011) "How to be Creative: Collaboration in Web 2.0 community with or without text". Generative Art/XIV, pp 57-67, ISBN:9788896610145
    Maragiannis, A., Kanellos, E.,(2011), "TERASlab: Typographical Experimental Research in Audiovisual Spaces", London, BCS, p 275, ISBN 978-1-906124-88-5 (pbk) ISSN 1477-9358 (online)
  • Maragiannis, A., (2009), "Visual Arts and 2D - 3D Motion Typo.graphic Design", London, BCS, pp 192-200, ISBN 978-1-906124-17-5 (pbk) ISSN 1477-9358 (online).


February 2015 London, UK " The Guardian" King place, Kings Cross London, UK. Writer in Residence 'The Open Book' – Live writing performance installation at Jewish Book Week 2015 – Miki Shaw in collaboration with a team of writers in residence. Participated in the development of the research project as a writer in residence. A new writing performance installation in which volunteer writers will create a book in a week! Commissioned by Jewish Book Week, the annual literary festival.

September 2012 London, UK 

Victoria & Albert Museum Digital Futures Exhibition – Typographic Interactive practices.

The Interactive Installation/exhibition hosted at the V&A Digital Studios. Visitors led through a series of typographic exercises that attained to strengthen the amalgamation of design information and visual language, underlying the third dimension of typography within an "agnostic" virtual space.

July 2011, Paris, France

Research Project, funded by IP European Union, titled: "Virtual Games",
in collaboration with Paris-8 University, the Athens Academy of Fine Arts, University of Valencia, Goldsmiths-University of London and the University of Hull. The project (continues from previous year below) explored multiple game platforms in relation to design; architecture and data; my research group in particular focused on the use of screen-based typography; information design; and readability within virtual games.

July 2010, Delphi, Greece

Research Project, funded by IP European Union, titled: "From the Real to Virtual",
In collaboration with Athens Academy of Fine Arts, School of Multimedia Postgraduate studies in collaboration with the Paris-8 University, University of Valencia, and Goldsmiths, University of London. The overall project structured through a series of experimental approaches investigating the impact of the real world to the virtual and vice versa. I was leading the group that explored typography in physical and virtual space.


Conferences / Symposiums/ Pane Chaired

  • Maragiannis, A., Creative Citizens of Europe, International Refugee Forum, Athens, GR (Panel Chair & Keynote), MAR 2019
  • Boer, C., Lawton, E., Maragiannis, A., Youngs, G., Waite, M., What is Enabled When We Design With And For Others, International Panel Debate, (Panel Chair) OCT 2017
  • Chatzichristodoulou, M., Maragiannis, A., Papadaki, E. DRHA2018 Centre For Creativity Malta - European capital of culture 2018 (Programme Chair) August 2018
  • Maragiannis, A., Boddington, G., Jefferies, J., 'Can non-anthropocentric relationships lead to true intimacy with technology?', ISEA2016, International Symposium on Electronic Art, Hong kong, (Panel Chair), MAY 2016
  • Maragiannis, A, 'From Typography to Design Interface', ISEA2011, International Symposium on Electronic Art, Istanbul, Turkey, (Panel Chair), of the session and panel,
  • Maragiannis, A, 'Virtual Space: Hyper with or without Text', DRHA2011, Digital Resources in the Humanities & Arts Conference, University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China Paper presentation and Chaired the session titled: 'Creative Collaborations'
  • Maragiannis, A., Kanellos, E., "TERASlab', EVA2011, Electronic Visualisation and the Arts' Conference organised by the British Computing Society, Paper presentation,
  • Maragiannis, A., The role of Typographic Design in Visual Arts' TypoBerlin2009 conference, Berlin, Germany
  • Paper presentation in the session Title: 'Space'
    Maragiannis, A., 'Screen Based typography', TypeCon2009 conference, Atlanta, USA Paper presentation in conference organising by SOTA [The Society of Typographic Aficionados]
  • Maragiannis, A., 'Visual arts and 2D - 3D motion typo. graphic design', EVA2009, Electronic Visualisation and the Arts' Conference organised by the British Computing Society Paper presentation,
  • Maragiannis, A., 'Typography and Time-based Media', Typecon 2007 conference, Seattle, USA Chair of Designed Panel
  • Maragiannis, A., 'New media design case studies: First impression for media news', IMS Conference 2006, University of Westminster, UK Paper presentation.

Workshops and Seminars

Hong Kong, 2016 - Interactive practice in writing: Entering private human encounters [III] Workshop | Presentation | Exhibition of Findings ISEA2016

Vancouver, Canada 2015 - Practice In Writing: A Recipe For Creativity & Creative Interpretation [II] Workshop ISEA2015

London, UK 2014 - Practice In Writing: A Recipe For Creativity & Creative Interpretation [I] Workshop DRHA2014 Conference, London UK

London UK, 2013 SCI-FI-LONDON, in association with the INSTITUTE FOR INTERSTELLAR STUDIES, present an informal day of talks, film and workshops at THE CRYSTAL, 2013, London UK

Sydney, Australia - 'Desktop Psychogeographies' ISEA2013, Workshop,

Corfu, Greece, April 2011 Research Presentation & Workshop: 'Typographical Experimental Research in Audiovisual Spaces', BETHERE! Corfu International Festival

Istanbul, Turkey, September 2011 Workshop & Applied Research: 'How the Digital and Electronic Media are Mapping and Reshaping Cultural Identity', ISEA2011, International Symposium on Electronic Art

Atlanta, USA 'Kinetic Typography', TypeCon2009 conference, , Workshop,