Professor Christopher Bailey


Professor Bailey obtained his Degree in Mathematics, Statistics and Computing (1984) and his PhD is Computational Modelling (2008) from Thames Polytechnic. He then joined Carnegie Mellon University as a Research Fellow within the Department of Materials Science from 1988-1991. Returning to the UK he joined the University of Greenwich as Senior Research Fellow and in 2001 he obtained a Professorship in Computational Mechanics and Reliability.

Professor Bailey is Director of the Computational Mechanics and Reliability Group at the University of Greenwich managing a team of 16 academic staff, research fellows and PhD students. The group focuses its research efforts on the development of design and modelling tools for predicting the performance, reliability and maintainability of engineering processes, components and systems. This includes the development of software tools such as PHYSICA, ROMARA and Powerlife.

Chris is a member of the NAFEMS Multi-Physics Modelling working group, represents Europe on the board of governors of IEEE-CPMT, is a member of the INEMI Roadmap team, Chair of the UK&RI IEEE CPMT/Reliability chapter, and an associate editor of the IEEE CPMT Transactions. He is also a member of a number of IEEE conference committees which includes EuroSime, ESTC and EPTC. He has published over 200 papers in the field of modeling and reliability of micro-technology based processes and products and consults with a number of companies worldwide. He is also an executive member of the EPSRC funded Innovative Electronics Manufacturing Research Centre.


PhD Computational Modelling
MBA Technology Management

Responsibilities within the university

Member of the University Research and Enterprise committee

Director of Computational Mechanics and Reliability Group


Knowledge Transfer Partnership Award for London (2008) 

Times Higher Education Award for Outstanding UK Engineering Research Team of the year (2009), sponsored by BAeSystems

Best paper awards at the IEEE conferences including: International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology - 2009 - for the paper Impact of Assembly Processes on Polymer Materials in Electronic Packaging, by T Tilford, C Bailey, K Parrot.


- Board of Governors Member of the IEEE-CPMT Society 

- IEEE-CPMT Strategic Director for Student Programmes 

- Chair of the UK&RI IEEE-CPMT/Reliability chapter 

- Associate Editor of IEEE-CPMT Transactions

- National Agency for Finite Element Analysis (NAFEMS) working group member for Multi-Physics Modelling.

- IEEE (Senior Member)

- IET (Member)

Research / Scholarly interests

Computational Mechanics 

Multi-physics modelling

Engineering Reliability

Prognostics and Health Management


Embedded and Smart Systems

Maritime Engineering

Structural Analysis

Micro and Nano Systems

Additive Manufacturing

Key funded projects

 1. Lead-Free Processing of COTS components, (2013-2014), Funded by GDAIS (USA) ($170,000)This project is developing a modelling approach to predicting the reliability of COTS electronic components to ensure they are suitable for high reliability applications. 

2. NextFactory (2013-2017), Funded by EU-FP7 350,000 eurosDevelopment of multi-physics models and condition monitoring software for 3D ink-jet printing of microsystem components. 

3. EPSRC Underpinning Power Electronics (2013-2019)- HUB, Funded by EPSRC: 64,000 UK SterlingSupports Professor Bailey on the executive committee of this �18M initiative funded by the EPSRC,

4. EPSRC Underpinning Power Electronics - Components Theme (2013-2017), Funded by EPSRC: 450,000 UK SterlingSupports development of multi-physics models and development of reliability software such as PowerLife for next generation of power electronic components.

5. RODENT: Damage mechanics models for power electronic module reliability, funded by EPSRC/IeMRC (2012-2015): 210,000 UK Sterling Supports the development of damage mechanics models that will predict crack initiation and growth in electronic interconnects

6. Subsea Cables: Funded by SSE (2012-2014) : 144,000 UK SterlingDevelopment of models to predict reliability of subsea power cables. Also the development of software that embeds these models for use by SSE staff.

7. PEMREL: Reliability and Risk Analysis of Power Electronics Modules; Funded by EU Framework 7 (2011 - 2013) 200,000 euros Development of physics of failure models and the PowerLife software for power electronics modules. 

8. COTS components for High Reliability Applications; Funded by GDAIS (USA) (2010 - 2013) US$250,000 Numerical analysis of the hot solder dipping process for refinishing electronic components that will be used in high reliability applications. 

9. Thermal Management and Optical Interconnects for Defence Electronics (2011-2013); funded by MOD and DGA (France) 90,000 UK SterlingThermal modelling and reliability predictions of electronic components which are subjected to harsh defence environments. 

10. FAMOBS; Frequency Agile Microwave Bonding System; Development of Multi-Physics Models for Microwave Bonding of Adhesives in Electronic Packaging; Funded by EU-FP7; (2008-2011) 250,000 UK Sterling Multi-physics modelling of a novel microwave heating process for use in manufacture of electronic packages. 

11. Modelling of Power Modules, TSB funded project developing reliability models for Power Electronics Modules (2006-2009) - 220,000 UK SterlingDevelopment of reliability/robustness models for power electronics components. This was the start of the PowerLife software development. 

12. Power Electronics Flagship, EPSRC/IeMRC funded project investigating the reliability of power electronics modules (2005-2010) - 184,000 UK SterlingPhysics of failure models for predicting behaviour of power electronic components. 

13. Prognostics for Power Electronics Modules, EPSRC/IeMRC funded project investigating models for health monitoring of power electronic systems (2008-2010) - 122,000 UK Sterling Development of both model and data driven algorithms for maintaining power electronic components in the field in real time.

14. 3D-Mintegration; EPSRC Grand Challenge Project on Micro-Engineered Products (2006 - 2010); 400,000 UK Sterling Development of modelling techniques for 3D miniaturised components. This was and EPSRC Grand Challenge project.

15. Design for Manufacture of System in Package (SiP) Technologies; Funded by IeMRC (2007-2009); 120,000 UK Sterling Development of models for SiP packages in collaboration with Lancaster University, Selex and NXP.

16. ENDVIEW; Development of Multi-Physics Modelling Techniques for Liquid Crystal Displays with LED Backlights; Funded by TSB (2008-2010); 86,000 UK SterlingDevelopment of multi-physics models to predict the behaviour if ruggedized displays for use in the aerospace sector. 

17. MEMSA; Modelling the Electro-deposition for Microsystems Applications; Funded by EPSRC (2006-2009); 180,000 UK Sterling Development of multi-physics models to predict the quality of the electroplating manufacturing process as used to fabricate Microsystems components.

18. Long-Life: Reliability of Semiconductor Devices; Funded by Prime Ministers Collaboration Initiative with Kyoto University, Japan (2009 - 2011); 40,000 UK 

Sterling Funding provided to collaborate with Kyoto University (Japan) to investigate novel measurement and modelling techniques for predicting reliability of electronic components.


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