Dr Daniel Weston

Dr Daniel Weston PhD (Nottingham), MA (Nottingham), BA (York), PCAP (Hull), FHEA

Dr Daniel Weston

Dr Daniel Weston
PhD (Nottingham), MA (Nottingham), BA (York), PCAP (Hull), FHEA

Senior Lecturer

Department of Literature, Language and Theatre

Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities

Dr Daniel Weston began working at the University of Greenwich in November 2015. Before this he was a lecturer at the University of Hull and a teaching fellow at the University of Nottingham. He studied for his MA and PhD at the University of Nottingham after his BA at the University of York. Daniel has interests spanning the period from modernism through the post-war era to the contemporary. His research has chiefly focused on representations of landscape, place, and environment in literary texts, with particular emphasis on contemporary writing in a number of different forms (poetry, fiction, non-fiction). He is interested in literary theory and interdisciplinary methodologies, and has worked to integrate literary studies and cultural geography. Other work has considered experimental novels, poetry manifestos, and the relationship between ecology and literary form. His newest work concerns animals in modern and contemporary poetry.

Daniel is programme leader for MA English: Literary London.

He teaches on the following courses:


Contemporary Writing and Critical Theory

Literary Forms of Representation

Literature in Context: Poetry and Drama


Imagining the Metropolis

Text and Intertextuality

Unreal City: London and Modernity

Daniel is also an Academic Conduct Officer in the Faculty.

Much of Daniel's research focuses on literary representations of landscape, place, and environment. His first monograph, Contemporary Literary Landscapes: The Poetics of Experience, was published with Ashgate in January 2016. The monograph surveys late-20th- and 21st-century landscape-writing across poetry, fiction, and literary non-fiction by way of extended case studies of five writers: Ciaran Carson, Kathleen Jamie, Robert Macfarlane, WG Sebald, and Iain Sinclair. The research is interdisciplinary and looks to critical paradigms from literary criticism and cultural geography to devise new ways of thinking about landscape writing. A number of other publications have also flowed out of this longstanding interest.

Other work has resulted in publications addressing experimental novels of the 21st century, poetry manifestos, the city (especially London) in literature, ecology and poetic form, and other topics (single author studies and wide ranging surveys). Daniel's newest work concerns animals in modern and contemporary poetry.


Contemporary Literary Landscapes: the Poetics of Experience. Farnham: Ashgate, 2016.

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