Dr Diane Gan BEng, PhD, CEng MIET

Principal Lecturer

Dr Diane Gan has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Greenwich and is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She is currently a Principal Lecturer in the Department of Computing and Information Systems (CIS) in the Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities at the University of Greenwich. She is also Subject leader for Cyber Security and Digital Forensics group. She teaches communications systems, digital forensics and cyber security at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Dr Gan was one of two founder members of the Cyber Security, Audit, Forensics and Education (C-SAFE) Centre, which is a teaching and research group within the CIS department. She introduced cyber security and forensics into the school's curriculum. She also lead the development of the university's Masters and short course programmes in cyber security and risk management and computer forensics and the law. She currently is supervising four PhD students, with research in cyber-physical security of semi-autonomous vehicles, information leakage and security within the cloud, forensics analysis of timelines and the analysis of malware captured using honeypots.

Dr Gan is a Chartered Engineer with the IET. Dr Gan has a number of industry recognized certifications. She currently holds the following forensics certifications: ACE (AccessData Certified Examiner) certification, Guidance Software CF1 and CF2 (computer forensics), Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst. She also holds two penetration testing certifications. She has always maintained continuous cpd by attending courses, conferences and seminars throughout her time in teaching. This has fed directly back into her teaching enabling her to keep up to date with the rapidly changing fields of cyber security and digital forensics.

Dr Gan was a Post Graduate Programme Leader for all the networking degrees in the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences between 2004 to 2010. She was also a member of the Learning and Quality Committee from 2008 to 2010.

Responsibilities within the university

University roles

Research Group Leader for C-SAFE Group

Module leader 2018/19

  • Computer Crime and Forensics 
  • Computer Forensics 2 
  • Computer Forensics 3 
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Forensics Investigations
  • Cyber Crime



Invited talks
invited, with my final year student, to give a talk on the results of our Twitter research at a number of BCS branches around the country. Title Who's Stalking You?
1. BCS Dorset, Bournemouth - 25th Feb 2015 at University of Bournemouth
2. BCS AGD and e-learning SG joint event, Greenwich 12th November 2014 at University of Greenwich
3. BCS Women's AGM meeting 29th October 2014 at BCS HQ London
4. BCS Hampshire, Southampton 15th October 2014 at Southampton Solent University

Co-recipient of the VC's 3-year PhD studentship, 2018-2021

Co-recipient of the VC's 3-year PhD studentship, 2012-2015



  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science, PhD, CEng MIET, 
  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)

External recognition

  • CEng, MIET, 

Member of the following specialist groups:-

  • BCS Cybercrime Forensics, 
  • BCS Information Security, Specialist Group (ISSG), 
  • BCS Information Risk Management and Assurance (IRMA)
  • BCS Women Specialist Group


  • IEEE Access and IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Future Internet
  • International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology.
  • The Computer Journal
  • Inderscience Publishers Ltd
  • Millennium
  • MDPI (IEEE Open Access Journals (Sensors))

Assessor for GCHQ Certified Degrees – February 2017 to date

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Dr Gan's research interests are mainly in cyber malware and digital forensics. She has published a number of papers on these topics as well the security issues around social media.
  • Dr Gan has co-written a book chapter on Cyber Terrorism with Prof. Liz Bacon, Prof L. Mackinnon and the C-Safe Team. She has also edited a book with Mr D. Chadwick, for the teaching of cyber security within the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, entitled "Network Security, Principles and Practice" (ISBN 1-84658-652-6) 2007.

Key funded projects

MoD/dstl 3-year PhD studentship on "Safeguarding Autonomous Vehicles from Cyber Attacks" (117,000 GBP),  P.I. 2013-2016, with Richard Anthony and George Loukas. - A Phd project for the real-time detection of and protection against cyber attacks to autonomous vehicles, such as those used in military applications.

VC's 3-year PhD studentship in Cyber-physical security, 2012-2015, joint;y with George Loukas - A cyber-physical system is vulnerable in both the cyber and physical space and especially where the two overlap, as a cyber-attack may cause it to initiate the wrong physical action, inconsistent with system states and goals. This research aims to equip cyber-physical systems with early warning of cyber threats that are not immediately identifiable.

VC's 3-year PhD studentship in the Security of IoT devices (2018-2021) - a PhD to investigate security attacks on a smart home environment using the human as a sensor to detect cyber attacks.

Media activity

Feature article

Gan D. and Jenkins, L.R. Social Networking Privacy Issues Who is Stalking You? Future Internet 2014, 6, doi:10.3390/fi60x000x

Connor Morley and Diane Gan, A Tool for Detecting and Accessing TrueCrypt containers, eForensics Magazine, Published September 2017


Selected publications

M. A. Kazi, S. Woodhead, D. Gan, A Contemporary Taxonomy of Banking Malware, ICSCCC 2018, International Conference on Scientific Computation and Cryptography, December 15-17 2018

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