Dragana Spencer

Dr Dragana Spencer LLM, LLB, PhD

Dr Dragana Spencer

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities

Dr Dragana Spencer joined the School of Law at the University of Greenwich in 2006.

Senior Lecturer in Law

School administrative and supervisory responsibilities

  • Programme Leader, LLM International Justice
  • International Link Tutor (Prague)
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation supervision
  • Doctoral supervision
  • Library liaison
  • Staff Research Seminars convener
  • Course Leader (Public Law, LLB Project, Public International Law)
  • External examiner at LSBU (2012–15)
  • International criminal law
  • International human rights
  • Therapeutic jurisprudence
  • Sentencing
  • Treaty law

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2018 - Spencer D., 'Legal Assumptions and Unintended Meanings before International and Hybrid Criminal Courts: Effects on Trial Proceedings and Defence Rights' in Andreopoulos George et al (eds.), The Rule of Law in an Evolving World Order – Responses to Transnational Challenges and Threats (Springer).

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Radosavljevic, D., 'An overview of the ICC complementarity regime', 3 (10) Review of International Law and Politics (2007), pp. 96–114. ISSN 1305-5208.

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