Ed Wall

Dr Ed Wall BA, BLA, MUD

Academic Portfolio Lead - Landscape Architecture and Urbanism

Key details

Dr Ed Wall

Academic Portfolio Lead - Landscape Architecture and Urbanism

Ed is Academic Leader Landscape at the University of Greenwich and Visiting Professor at Politecnico di Milano (DiAP). In 2017 he was City of Vienna Visiting Professor: Urban culture, public space and the future – Urban equity and the global agenda at TU Wien (SKuOR). He is currently an external examiner at the Architecture Association in London.

Ed completed his PhD in the Cities Programme at the London School of Economics (LSE). He initially trained in landscape architecture in Manchester (MMU) and then urban design in New York (CCNY).

Ed has written several books, most recently he co-edited, with Tim Waterman, Landscape and Agency: Critical Essays (2017). In 2015 he founded, with Alex Malaescu, Testing-Ground: The Journal of Landscapes, Cities and Territories. Currently, Ed is guest editing a future landscape issue of Architectural Design (AD) due to be published by Wiley in 2020.

Ed has lectured at Columbia University (GSAPP), Central St. Martins (UAL), Alcala School of Architecture, Manchester School of Architecture (MSA) and Politecnico di Milano (DiAP) and has been a design critic at Columbia University, City College New York (CUNY), the Architecture Association and the Bartlett (UCL).

In 2007 Ed founded Project Studio as a platform for design and research collaborations focused on landscapes, cities and territories. Key projects include winning and shortlisted collaborations, including: Roaming Forest (2010) for Landscape Urbanism Biennale; Park Works (2012) for Des Moines Waterworks Park, Iowa; Lubricity (2013) for Architecture Foundation and Royal Academy. These projects have been published internationally, including in: The Guardian, Architects' Journal, Building Design, Landscape Architecture Network, Abitare and Arch Daily. Projects have also been exhibited at the Van Alen Institute, Royal Academy, EME3 International Festival of Architecture, Building Centre, Garden Museum, Stephen Lawrence Gallery and Des Moines Art Center.

Responsibilities within the university

  • Academic Portfolio Lead: Landscape Architecture and Urbanism
  • Postgraduate Research Lead, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences


  • Member of Landscape Institute
  • International Advisory Board of Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space (SKuOR)

Research / Scholarly interests

Ed's research focuses on the processes and forms of public space, landscape and cities. This includes the site-specific research methods and design speculations which are central to studio culture within the university and landscape architecture practice. Specific projects have investigated: the relationship between the formal and the informal in the development of cities; informality in public space; processes of public space; environmental and public space infrastructures; and the relations between landscape architecture and urban design.

  • Urban equity, design and development
  • Landscape â€‹agency, citizenships and justice
  • Incompleteness, unfinished landscapes
  • Cities, after landscapes


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