Dr Hui Xie MSc, PhD

Research Fellow


2014 The Guardian Research Award for Research Impact for novel emergency signage system, The Guardian

SFPE 2008 Jack Bono Engineering Communications Award, 2008, the US based Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE

Research / Scholarly interests

Evacuation Modelling

Key funded projects

Project title: Generating simulations to Enable Testing of Alternative routes to improve WAYfinding in evacuation of over-ground and underground terminals (GETAWAY)

KEYWORDS: transport terminal, evacuation, design recommendations, sensor, signage

GETAWAY is concerned with improving pedestrian wayfinding in transportation terminals, during emergency evacuation situations. A new concept is to be developed as part of this project called Intelligent Active Dynamic Signage Systems (IADSS) to assist in this process. Through the introduction of lit, flashing and running signs, the traditional static emergency sign will transformed into a Dynamic Signage System. The increased affordance offered by the DSS will significantly increase the detectability of the emergency exit sign. The Active Dynamic Signage System will be linked to an automated system utilising evacuation simulation, CCTV footage and Fire Detection System information to determine the optimal evacuation route as the fire develops, bringing Intelligence to the ADSS.


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Xie, H., Galea, E.R.and Lawrence, P.J., 2013. Experimental Study of the Effectiveness of Dynamic Signage System,Proceedings of the 13th International Fire Science & Engineering Conference, Interflam 24-26th June 2013, Royal Holloway College, London, UK, Volume 2, pp. 967-978. ISBN 978 0 9556548-9-3, 2013. 

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