Jonathan Wroot

Dr Jonathan Wroot PhD, Ma, BA (Hons), HEA Fellow

Programme Leader

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Dr Jonathan Wroot
PhD, Ma, BA (Hons), HEA Fellow

Programme Leader

After pursuing film studies at BA and MA level, Jonathan went on to complete his PhD at the University of East Anglia. His thesis focused on the distribution and marketing of Japanese cinema in the UK, mainly by way of DVD releases. DVDs and Blu-rays are currently the most widely used format by distributors to bring Japanese and Asian cinema to the UK, as well as films from other parts of the world. Following other studies of Japanese film, which are often text-focused, Jonathan has instead brought an industry-focused approach to his interests in Japanese and international cinema.

Distribution and marketing are often overlooked within media and film research, though interest in this topic is growing. Through his research, Jonathan has gained insight into the practices of several UK-based distributors, such as Third Window Films, Terracotta, Arrow, Eureka, Manga Entertainment, and All The Anime.

Jonathan has integrated this knowledge into his teaching in order to demonstrate to students a wide range of possibilities available for research and professional practice – within a wide range of media industries.

Jonathan is continuing to publish research that pursues these interests in relation to Asian and international cinema. His research has also highlighted the unexplored story of the Zatoichi film franchise, concerning a blind swordsman. The character's long history and global impact will the subject of a forthcoming monograph.

Responsibilities within the university

Lecturer in Film Studies

Teaching within film and media studies courses.

Extenuating Circumstances Committee Representative for CPDA


Jonathan's industry knowledge and critical skills are regularly showcased in NEO Magazine, as part of the film review staff.

Research / Scholarly interests

Japanese cinema; transnational cinema; film reception; genre within film and media; home media formats; industry studies – particularly processes of distribution, marketing and promotion.


Selected Publications:

Cult Media: Repackaged, Re-released and Restored, co-edited with Andy Willis (University of Salford), Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

DVD, Blu-ray and Beyond: Navigating Formats and Platforms within Media Consumption, co-edited with Andy Willis, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

The Zatoichi Film Franchise: The Influence of the Blind Swordsman, forthcoming monograph.

Articles and Book Chapters:

'Distributing and Marketing Asian Cinema: Definitions from DVD Labels', chapter submitted to Palgrave Macmillan as part of The Asian Cinema Handbook (forthcoming).

'Experiencing Websites: How DVD Distributors Promote and Provide New Online Experiences for UK DVD Viewers', Arts and The Market, Vol.5, No.2, October 2015.

'Dubbing Death Note: Framing The Authentic Text', East Asian Journal of Popular Culture, Vol.1, No.2, September 2015, 193-204.

'Reviewing Distinctive DVD Experiences: NEO Magazine and the Critical Reception of Asian Media Distributors', Participations, Vol.12, No.1, May 2015, 82-101.

'Special Features and Stage Greetings: Whose Promotional Material is it anyway?', Frames Cinema Journal, Issue on 'Promotional Materials', published May 2013.