Dr Lindsay Keith BSc, PGCertHE, PhD

Creative Research Fellow

Key details

Dr Lindsay A Keith
BSc, PGCertHE, PhD

Creative Research Fellow

Summary – Dr Lindsay Keith is a Research Fellow within the Department of Creative Professions and Digital Skills with a specific research interest in public engagement with science and the arts which she practices through delivery of award-winning festival SMASHfestUK


Lindsay is a Research Fellow in the Department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts at the University of Greenwich. She began her academic research career as the Blandford Research Scholar at Imperial College London in 1993 in biomedical research. After completing her PhD there she worked as a Research Associate at the University of Newcastle, before working in the broadcast industry as a producer and director of science documentaries and programmes for 15 years. She has made programmes for all of the major broadcasters (BBC1&2, Ch4, five, Sky, Discovery, History etc) over a range of genres including specialist factual, factual entertainment, schools and children's TV. Since 2011 she has segued her broadcast work with public engagement in science and widening participation work via The Refinery (www.refinery.tv) during which she founded and produced a new science and arts mash-up festival (www.smashfestuk.com) and has worked on short documentaries and other communications films for numerous science, engineering and medical organisations as well as producing TV commercials for corporate clients. Since 2015 she has married this public engagement work with her position as a research fellow at the University of Greenwich.

Responsibilities within the university

I am responsible for research and practice concerned with the delivery of SMASHfestUK (www.smashfestuk.com)and outward-facing partnership building for the department and wider university with organisations including museums, businesses and community groups. I am also responsible for delivery of employability services within the department and teach Pre-Production and Industry Skills, and Digital Enterprise courses to Film and TV students.


  • SMASHfestUK Winner of National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCPPE) "Engage" award for Public Engagement with STEM, 2016
  • Superhuman (researcher) BBC1 series (2000), six programmes BMA Gold Medal Award, Emmy nomination.
  • Mechannibals, BBC 2 BAFTA Awards Scotland (Nomination) – Best Entertainment Programme (Producer/Director)
  • The Garage – Discovery Broadcast Award Nomination – Best Factual Entertainment 2007 (Development Producer and Producer/Director

Research / Scholarly interests

My research interests revolve around public engagement with STEM/Arts ("STEAM") which is practised through the delivery of Award Winning Festival "SMASHfestUK" (www.smashfestuk.com), which was developed according to a model designed specifically to widen participation an increase diversity in STEAM.

Key funded projects

  • Wellcome Trust: Broadcast Development Award 2009: For documentary development.
  • (£10,000) MS and Me with Simon Donald from Viz magazine.
  • Wellcome Trust: Broadcast Development Award 2013: For TV pilot development 'The Science of Superheroes' £7000
  • Wellcome Trust: People Award 2014 for SMASHfestUK: Asteroid (pilot) £29,900
  • Wellcome Trust People Award 2015 for SMASHfestUK: Solar Storm £39800
  • Wellcome Trust People Award 2016 for SMASHfestUK: Supervolcano
  • Arts Council 2014 (Grants for the Arts): for SMASHfestUK: Asteroid (pilot) £15,000
  • Arts Council 2015 (Grants for the Arts): for SMASHfestUK: Solar Storm £15,000
  • Arts Council 2015 (Grants for the Arts): for SMASHfestUK: Supervolcano £15,000
  • L&Q Housing Association, 2015 for SMASHfestUK: Asteroid (pilot) £5,000
  • Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015 for SMASHfestUK: Solar Storm £10,000
  • Science and Technology Facilities Council for SMASHfestUK: Solar Storm £8,400
  • Science and Technology Facilities Council for SMASHfestUK: Supervolcano £9,900


  • Related to PhD in Infectious Diseases (1993-2000)
  • PhD (Investigative Medicine), Imperial College London (research period 1993-1996. Awarded 1999). The Role of inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells.
  • Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Demonstrates Calcium dependence in Binding to its
  • Calmodulin subunit, L A Saunders*, TJ Evans, J Cohen; ENDOTHELIUM (Journal of Endothelial Cell Research), 1995, Vol 3 (suppl),p22
  • Phosphorylation of the inducible form of Nitric Oxide Synthase Correlates with Enzyme Activity: ENDOTHELIUM (Journal of Endothelial Cell Research), L A Saunders, TJ Evans, J
  • Cohen; 1995 (suppl) p26 (LK = LA Saunders 1991-1996)
  • Differential Response of VSMC Preparations to LPS is Mediated via Members of the REL Family of Transcriptional Activators; L A Saunders* and J M Spink. ENDOTHELIUM (Journal of Endothelial Cell Research), 1995 (suppl) p50
  • Book chapter: Cytokine Regulation of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase; By Prof. Jean-Louis Vincent of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine 1997 Cohen, J, Evans, TJ and Keith, LA.


Case study reporting the pilot event utilising the NIDS-M model of public engagement in communities underserved by informal science education. Science in Public Conference, Bristol, July 2015

Summary: SMASHfestUK 2015 (pilot) – Asteroid Strike. Hyperlocal pilot study using NIDS-M (Narrative-lead Inquiry Driven Smashfest Model) – a new narrative-lead form of public engagement with science and the arts. www.smashfestUK.com  was a live event specifically initiated in order to widen participation and increase diversity in STEM/Arts and HE. It engaged 3000 local (SE8) people with over 1800 direct engagements through schools outreach and festival attendance. An additional 10,000+ people engaged with SMASHfestUK online.

SMASHfestUK: A festival, a big story, an adventure! Poster Presentation (WINNER: Engage Award for STEM) NCCPE Engage Conference, Bristol, November 2016