Louise Owusu-Kwarteng

Dr Louise Owusu-Kwarteng BA Hons, PhD

Senior Lecturer


Prior to starting her Masters' Degree, Louise worked with young people who were disaffected from school in Nottingham. The aim was to get them back into some form of education or onto Modern Apprenticeship programmes.

After completing her MA in 2000, Louise worked at Oxford City Council as a community development officer. In 2002, she was was seconded to the Community Cohesion Unit at the Home Office. Here, she worked with key government advisors, including Ted Cantle and Labour peer, Paola Uddin to produce a policy paper on methods of increasing participation in political leadership for under-represented communities.

From 2003-2005, Louise went on to teach general and Business English as a second language in Madrid. Her position also involved managing Business English teachers.

Current Taught Courses

Writing Culture
Education and Social formation

Responsibilities within the university

Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader, Sociology

Research / Scholarly interests

My research interests fall within several broad areas including

The Sociology of Race and Education - with a specific emphasis on the academic attainment and experiences of students of West African Origin. To this end, Louise undertook a doctorate which focused on the experiences of British Ghanaians. Her Doctorate is entitled Between Two Lives. Parenting and Impacts on Academic Professional Achievements and Socio-Emotional Outcomes for British Ghanaians

I also recently published a research paper entitled 'Telling a different story. Effects of parenting on the academic and professional achievements of British Ghanaian highflyers.

I have also undertaken research which focuses on the experiences of African students in Higher education, as part of the Black and Minority Ethnic project which commenced at the University of Greenwich in 2008/9. The aim of this project is to raise awareness of the issues impacting on the academic attainment of BME students at the university of Greenwich. The project was re-established in 2014, and two symposiums which focus on these issues have been hosted ( see below for more details)    

Intra ethnic relations between Black groups in Britain: I explore the extent to which race based coalitions have been formed amongst second and third generation British African and Caribbean people.

Sociological Autobiography: My work here includes an autobiographical reflection of my grandmother's role in the educational attainment of females in her family. This was partly based on oral history testimonies obtained while I was in Ghana and working on my PhD.

In addition, I have also recently written a piece which focuses on issues relating to Hair, Race and the presentation of the Self. More specifically it examines the relationship between the personal and political and how this has played out through my hairstyles and experiences at Black Hair salons.


Journal Articles

'Telling A Different Story': The effect of parenting on the academic and professional achievement of 24 British-Ghanaian high flyers Power and Education (2015) vol. 7 no. 3 289-305

'We all Black Innit?' (2015). An Exploration of intra-ethnic relations between second and third generation British people of African And African-Caribbean origin (forthcoming)

'Lizbet's Legacy (2015)': Analysing the impacts of my grandmother's role in the education of females in our family (forthcoming)

'Whoever holds the scissors holds the power' (2016)- an Autobiographical reflection of my hair journey in the formation of my identity (forthcoming)


The African Experience in Higher Education at the University of Greenwich as part of the BME project University of Greenwich 2009.