Neil Saunders

Dr Neil Saunders

Senior Lecturer

Neil gained his PhD in pure mathematics at The University of Sydney. After working for a brief time at Sydney as an Associate Lecturer, he had a series of postdoctoral fellowships working at the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research at Bristol University, the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and finally at City University of London before joining Greenwich University in September 2017. He was nominated for a Student Let Teaching Award in 2019.

Responsibilities within the university

Course Leader 2019-2020

MATH1148 Foundations in Mathematics A

MATH1167 Techniques of Calculus and Linear Algebra

MATH1135 Graph Theory and Applications


Shortlisted for a Student Led Teaching Award 2019

Focused Research Week, £7000, Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research, 2019

Celebrating New Appointments, £573 London Mathematical Society, Scheme 9, 2018

Lift-Off Fellowship $4500 AUD from the Australian Mathematical Society, 2011

Dean's Award for Citizenship, Faculty of Science, University of Sydney, 2009

B.H. Neumann Prize for the Best Student Talk, Meeting of the AustMS 2007

G.B Preston Prize for the Best Student Talk, Victorian Algebra Conference, 2006 & 2008


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Member of the London Mathematical Society

Member of the Australian Mathematical Society

Research / Scholarly interests

Group Theory, Geometric Representation Theory


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