Stacey Pitsillides

Lecturer in Design

Teaching & Research

Shortlisted for Best Death Related Public Engagement Event 2017 by the Good Funeral Awards

Death Online Research Symposium (DORS) - Standing committee

ASDS, The association for the Study of Death and Society - member

DIGMEX network - member

My research considers how technology and design shift our understanding of death and bereavement. I have curated various events for public engagement and worked with the Hospice of St Francis, in collaboration with bereaved makers using co-design methods to artistically explore their loved one's physical and digital heritage. I have also been an advocate for Future Death in a range of high profile festivals such as Death: The Southbank Centre's Festival for the Living (2012), The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival and Internet Week Europe (2013), The Southbank Centre's Beyond Belief Festival and the Edinburgh International Science Festival (2017).

Further research interests include:

  • Social Design, designing for sensitive situations in a practice-based participatory way
  • Understanding how technology is reframing our notions of death & bereavement
  • Re-evaluating evolving ethical practices within digital contexts
  • Data: questioning the relationship between value, context and curation
  • Crafting as a design process, when applied to digital content
  • Interaction design through the use of networked objects or objects enriched with data

Funded research projects

£7,620.00 NESTA /University of Greenwich, Stacey Pitsillides, Love After Death, Designer and Curator, 1st August 2016 - 19th September 2016, FutureFest16, FutureLove. 

£2,000.00 University of Greenwich, Stacey Pitsillides, Material Legacy Exhibition, Researcher and Curator, 1st February 2017 – 15th March 2017, Steven Laurence Gallery.

Editor for the Special issue for the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media. K. Giaxoglou, K. Döveling and S. Pitsillides (2017) Networked Emotions: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sharing Loss Online, Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 61:1, 1-10, DOI: 10.1080/08838151.2016.1273927.

S. Pitsillides (2016) An Imagined Response: Death and Memory in the 21st Century. Memory in the Twenty-First Century New Critical Perspectives from the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences. Memory Network (Eds), Publisher: Palgrave

S. Pitsillides, J. Jefferies (2013) Narrating the Digital: The Evolving Memento Mori. Digital Legacy and Interaction: Post-Mortem Issues, Computer-Human Interaction Series Maciel, C & Pereira, V. C. (Eds.),   Publisher: Springer

S. Pitsillides, M. Waller, D. Fairfax, (2013) Digital Death, the Role Data Plays in how we are (Re)membered. Digital Identity and Social Media, S. Hatzipanagos and Dr S. Warburton (eds), Publisher: IGI Global

S. Pitsillides, M. Conreen, J. Jefferies, (2012) Museums of the Self and Digital Death: An Emerging Curatorial Dilemma for Digital Heritage, Heritage Matters: Understanding and  Experiencing Heritage Through Social Media, Prof E. Giaccardi. Publisher: Routledge

T. Walter, R. Hourizi, W. Moncur, S. Pitsillides (2011) Does the internet change how we die and mourn? Overview and analysis, Omega: Journal of Death & Dying, 64 (4), pp. 275-302

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12th May 2017: Chair for two panels as part of Croydon's Dying Matters Week on Creating Narratives about Dying Matters - culturally, artistically, digitally in collaboration with St Christopher's Hospice that aimed to engage the local community with questions of death and diversity.

15th Mar 2017: Curated Panel on Designing Death: Challenges and Aesthetics for the 21st Century. Drawing together expertise from Death Studies, Design, the Hospice sector and Creative Bereavement.

28th Feb – 25th Mar 2017: Designer and Curator, Material Legacies. Exhibition of works created for the Stephen Laurence Gallery with participants from The Hospice of St Francis. This research is in association with the University of Greenwich (Creative Professions and Digital Art) and has been supported by The Hospice of St Francis and Goldsmiths, University of London.

17th – 18th Sept 2016: Designer and Curator for Love After Death. Live experience and panel discussion for Future Love at FutureFest16 with the support of University of Greenwich (Creative Professions and Digital Art) and NESTA.

S. Pitsillides, J. Jefferies (2016) Intimate Technologies: The Ethics of Simulated Relationships Proceedings of the 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2016

A. Maragiannis, J. Jefferies, S. Pitsillides, G. Boddington (2016) Can non-anthropocentric relationships lead to true intimacy with technology? Proceedings of the 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2016

B. Psarras, S. Pitsillides, A. Maragiannis (2013) Dérive in the Digital Grid, Breaking the Search to get Lost, Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2013, Sydney

J. Jefferies, A. Maragiannis, S. Pitsillides, M. Velonaki (2013) Mirroring Sherry Turkle: A Discussion on Authenticity, Humanity and Technology, Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2013, Sydney

S. Pitsillides (2012) Transcending the Archive: Reflections on Online Identity and Death, CHI Extended Abstracts, Momemto Mori: Technology Design for the End of Life. Austin, Texas. USA

S. Pitsillides, S. Katsikides, M. Conreen (2009) Digital Death, IFIP WG9.5 Virtuality and Society International Workshop on Images of Virtuality: Conceptualizations and Applications in Everyday Life, April 23-24, Athens, Greece

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