Dr Tim Acott BSc, PhD, FRGS

Principal Lecturer

Dr Tim Acott graduated with a BSc Hons in Environmental Science from the University of Plymouth in 1989. He subsequently completed a PhD at the University of Stirling and started to lecture at the University of Greenwich in 1993. He has had numerous administrative roles while at the University of Greenwich including Director of Learning & Quality for the Natural Resources Institute. Dr Acott is currently the leader for the environment and sustainability research cluster.

His academic interests revolve around a social science perspective on environment and sustainability issues. To explore this subject area he crosses a number of subject boundaries including: environmental ethics, sustainable development, landscape, sense of place, environmental sociology, social and cultural dimensions of marine fisheries, GIS, actor network theory, hybrid geography, wildness, allotments as hybrid spaces, and qualitative research methods. In addition to his academic portfolio, Dr Acott also actively explores different environments through painting and photography.

Responsibilities within the university

Course Leader

  • Sustainability: Principles and Practise (MSc)
  • Regeneration and the Thames Gateway
  • Sustainability Futures
  • Geography and Tourism and Development
  • Readings in Geography and Environmental Science
  • People, Place and Environment.

Course participation

  • Environmental Management
  • Society, Economy and Sustainability
  • Research Design and Methods (MSc).


  • Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

Research / Scholarly interests

Dr Acott's research interests can be broadly grouped under the heading 'environmental geography'. He is interested in the myriad and diverse entanglements of people and nature as seen through an interdisciplinary perspective and is happy to cross the borders of science and art in order to bring new perspectives to contemporary issues with sustainability as a central element.

Tim is currently the Principal Investigator on a €4.6 million ERDF co-financed European Interreg 4a 2 Seas project called the 'Geography of Inshore Fishing and Sustainability' (GIFS). This started in January 2011 and will finish in September 2014. Tim was also the lead investigator for the University of Greenwich on a European INTERREG 4a funded collaborative project, CHARM III (Channel Integrated Approach for Marine Resource Management). Tim's research has recently focused on understanding the social and cultural importance of marine fishing although he has worked on many social science research projects spanning, environmental ethics, environmental conservation and sustainable tourism.

Recent publications


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Book section

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Edited book

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