Catherine Kelly

Dr Catherine Kelly BSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer, Tourism

Key details

Dr Catherine Kelly

Senior Lecturer, Tourism

Dr Catherine Kelly has more than 17 years' experience as an academic and consultant in the cultural, heritage and tourism sector. Dr Kelly has worked in the UK, Ireland and United States and held various roles in academia from management, course development, to research, consultancy and lecturing.

Responsibilities within the university

Dr Kelly has held various roles within the university including MA programme leader for previous MA Cultural Industries, Museum Management, Arts Management, Cultural Tourism Management, International Tourism Management and Heritage Management. Dr Kelly has led and participated in programme validation and review events at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Dr Kelly has also held former research coordinator responsibilities with the MET department.

Teaching and administrative activities

Course leader for a variety of courses at BA and MA levels, including:

  • Research methods, Heritage Politics, Cultural Tourism, Global Tourism, Contemporary Issues in Tourism and Foundations of Scholarship. Prior to working at Greenwich, teaching areas have included human geography and heritage studies.
  • Administrative duties have been related to Programme leadership roles.

MPhil/PhD supervision

  • 3 MPhil (by research) completions - Agricultural Change in the UK (Kingston University), Rural Tourism in Ireland (DIT) and Rural Housing and Community Change in Western Ireland (GMIT)
  • 2 on-going PhD supervisions:Seaside resorts and cultural regeneration at the University of Greenwich and Cultural Heritage Contexts to Visiting Friends and Relatives,Tourism at the University of Greenwich.


External activities:

  • University Committee Member of the British Standards Institute (BSI) for the Wellness Tourism and Spa Sector 2009-present
  • Member of UNESCO Word Heritage Site Education Committee, Greenwich 2005-11
  • External Examiner, Plymouth University 2011-present
  • Museums Association (UK) Education Liaison Committee Member 2004-08
  • National Institutes of Technology' Representative on the National Council for Curricular Assessment's (NCCA) senior cycle Geography syllabus development committee 1997-2002
  • Associate and Committee member of the National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA), NUIM, Ireland 1998-2003

Research / Scholarly interests

Current research:

Current research areas of interest include;

  • Heritage, arts, and culture.
  • Tourism and national identities.
  • Heritage representations and authenticity.
  • Museum form, function and exhibition content.
  • Rural community development, rural tourism, issues of sustainability.
  • New forms of leisure and tourism – holistic and wellness tourism.

Recent publications


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Book section

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Conference item

Kelly, Catherine and , (2016), "I Just Need Some Time at the Sea":- Wellbeing and the Coast as Therapeutic Landscape. In: Society and the Sea, 15-16 September 2016, Greenwich Maritime Centre, University of Greenwich, London UK , . , (doi: