Dr Claire Papaix

Senior Lecturer in Transport and Business Logistics

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Dr Claire Papaix

Senior Lecturer in Transport and Business Logistics

Dr Claire Papaix is a Senior Lecturer in Transport and Business Logistics at the Faculty of Business in the Department Systems Management &Strategy at the University of Greenwich. Previously, she obtained her PhD at The French Institute of Sciences and Technologies for Transport, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR) on the topic: how to successfully implement low‐carbon mobility policy for passengers in urban areas. For this, she focused on the environmental effectiveness, equity outcomes and acceptability challenges of various policy scenarios.

Next to her PhD research, she has been working on applied research projects in collaboration with transport industrials at the Climate Economics Chair (CEC) in Paris. She was also actively involved in the European research project on Transport Equity Analysis (TEA COST Action TU1209) and worked for this on the refinement of accessibility measures to better appraise equity in transport policy. She has since been looking into the 'Paradox' theory literature to appraise sustainable transport solutions, and her research interests are presently concentrating on exploring the links between transport and individuals' happiness.


Member of the Research Initiative 'Mobility in a Low Carbon Society' at the Climate Economics Chair in Paris.

Development of applied research projects in collaboration with transport industrials such as Michelin and active participation in the organisation of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Chengdu (China) last year.

Member of the Management Committee of the COST Action TU1209 Transport Equity Analysis: assessment and integration of equity criteria in transportation planning (TEA COST).

Obtention of a grant for a Short term Scientific Mission in the CESUR CESUR/DECivil, IST, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon in Portugal, hosted by Professor João de Abreu e Silva, on the use of travel demand management measures (TDM) or "soft" transportation measures that target mobility demand in order to remedy to the negative effects from car use and influence PT attractiveness.

Research / Scholarly interests

"Responsiveness of urban travellers to modal shift policy measures: an intra-regional comparison", Hammadou, H., Mahieux, A. and Papaix, C. Paper presented to the 14th IATBR conference 2015, Windsor, 23 July 2015.

"The influence of Information-based TDM measures on public transport attractiveness: two European case studies", Chen, G. and Papaix, C. Abstract accepted for presentation to the 14th World Conference on Transport Research, Shanghai, July 10-15 2016.

Started collaboration with the technical university of Lisbon on parking choice of urban freight vehicles and environmental impacts.

Recent publications

Articles published in academic journals

Feb. 2015 "Accessibility to work by public transit and its social distribution in Lille, France: an equity appraisal". Papaix, C. and Dupont-Kieffer, A. Paper submitted for publication to Transport Reviews, Social equity Special Issue proposal: TEA Action for November 2015.

Feb. 2015 "Policy packages for modal shift and CO2 reduction in Lille, France", Hammadou, H. and Papaix, C., Transportation Research Journal Part D. Environment. Volume 38, July 2015, Pages 105–116.

Feb. 2015  "Public opinion on congestion charging, free public transport and new roads investments in Stockholm, Helsinki and Lyon", Börjesson, M., Hamilton, C., Näsman, P. and Papaix, C. Transportation Research Journal Part A. Policy and practice. Volume 78, July 2015, Pages 452–462.

Book chapters

Sept. 2014 "Which Policy Tools to Move Towards Low Carbon Mobility?" Hammadou, H. and Papaix, C. In: Non-technological Innovations for Sustainable Transport Four Transport Case Studies, Alexandra Hyard, Springer Briefs in Applied Sciences and Technology 2014.

May 2013 "White Paper – Towards Low-Carbon Mobility Using Economic Instruments", Meurisse, B. and Papaix, C. (directed by Ayong Le Kama, A.), Editions Michelin Challenge Bibendum.