Giuseppe Cantafio

Dr Giuseppe Cantafio PhD, BSc, MSc

Research Fellow for WISE-ACT

Key details

Dr Giuseppe U Cantafio

Research Fellow for WISE-ACT

Dr Giuseppe U Cantafio has been a research fellow exploring the Wider Impacts and Scenario Evaluation of Autonomous and Connected Transport at the University of Greenwich Business School since 2018. Before joining the University of Greenwich, he worked as an early stage researcher for the MAPS-LED project, exploring multi disciplinary approaches to plan smart specialisation strategies for local economic development at the Università Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria in Italy, at the Northeastern University and at the San Diego State University in the United States. He holds a PhD in Urban Regeneration and Economic Development and a BSc and MSc in Environmental Engineering.

Research / Scholarly interests

His interests with regard to research comprise the themes of urban planning, sustainability, liveability, transportation, with the use of Geographic Information System that can result as a useful tool for planning more sustainable neighborhoods, providing policy makers an effecting tool for decision-making.

Key funded projects

His current research project consists in the exploration of Wider Impacts and Scenario Evaluation of Autonomous and Connected Transport, with the analysis of Autonomous vehicle (AV) trials that are currently taking place worldwide and Europe and that have a key role in the development of relevant technology.
He has worked, during the doctorate, on a long-term research project that involved dix Universities placed in five countries: the MAPS-LED Project, which intended to examine how Smart Specialization Strategies can be implemented, with respect to the new agenda of Europe 2020, by incorporating a place-based dimension. The main aims were: 1) to identify and examine S3 in terms of spatial, social and environmental factors; 2) to take into account local needs and opportunities driving regional policy interventions not only to emphasize "Key Enable Technologies", but also to empower local innovation process – tacit knowledge, embedded social networks, innovative milieu.

Recent publications


  • Cantafio Giuseppe Umberto (2018). In search of a tool to support planning inside large cities: the SustaIn-LED model. IEREK 2018, London, UK.
  • Bevilacqua Lina, Cantafio Giuseppe Umberto, Parisi Luana, Pronestì Giuseppe (2018). Investigating Local Economic Trends for Shaping Supportive Tools to Manage Economic Development: San Diego as a case study. New Metropolitan Perspective Symposium 2018, Reggio Calabria, Italy.
  •  Cantafio Giuseppe Umberto (2017). Green Economy as a Driver for Urban Regeneration: Insights from Greentown Labs, USA. In 13th International Postgraduate Research Conference 2017 Conference Proceedings 14-15 September 2017, pp. 1054-1064, ISBN 9781912337057