Dr Jelena  Farkić

Dr Jelena Farkić PhD, FHEA

Teaching fellow at Events and Hospitality Management

Key details

Dr Jelena Farkić

Teaching fellow at Events and Hospitality Management

Jelena is a teaching fellow in the Events and Hospitality Management subject area.

Prior to joining the University of Greenwich, she gained experience through work in both academia and tourism industry. She was appointed as head of tourism product development sector at the Tourism Organisation of Novi Sad in Serbia, doctoral researcher and programme leader for MSc Ecotourism course at the University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland, as well as lecturer at the Faculty of Sport and Tourism in Serbia.

Jelena completed her PhD at the Centre for Recreation and Tourism Research (CRTR), University of the Highlands and Islands. Her thesis, entitled 'Hospitality in adventure tourism: Being, dwelling, guiding', examined concepts of hospitality, tourist experiences and soft skills of adventure guides and the ways in which world-class customer services may be delivered on multi-day journeys in the outdoors.

Jelena has been research-active, has acted as a coordinator of the Adventure Tourism Research Association and has undertaken the organisation of the annual International Adventure Conference since 2015.

Responsibilities within the university

Jelena is engaged in teaching and supervision across both undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes, and welcomes PhD supervision inquiries relating to her research interests:

* Adventure tourism (microadventures, slow adventure, slow travel, slow consumption of experiences)
* Nature Rx (prescribing nature): achieving wellbeing, mindfulness, flourishing through tourism practices
* Post-apocalyptic & dystopian tourism  
* Customer services and soft skills
* Existential/hermeneutic phenomenology
* Qualitative, disruptive and creative methodologies


Jelena was a recipient of a fully funded Adventure Tourism Research Studentship by Moffat Charitable Trust and the University of the Highlands and Islands Development Trust (2014)


  • Coordinator of Adventure Tourism Research Association since 2015
  • Associate Fellow of the High Education Academy since 2017

Research / Scholarly interests

Jelena undertook the doctoral research into tourist experiences and guiding skills and practices on commercial outdoor tours. This stemmed primarily from interest in discourses surrounding adventure holidays, tourist guiding and hospitality. Moving from customer services to conditions of traditional hospitality allowed space for explorations of the existential aspects of being, in particular through concepts such as ontological security and existential comfort.

Jelena currently explores the ways in which human (tourist) subjective wellbeing can be enhanced through concepts such as slow adventure, natural selfness, forest bathing (shinrin-yoku) and hygge. She takes a humanistic, interdisciplinary approach to exploring various aspects of being – a human, a tourist, a service provider, a consumer, a customer. She focuses mainly on the interrogation of embodied experiences, which entails utilisation of qualitative, mostly ethnographic, methodologies and phenomenological philosophy to critically interrogate bodily presence, senses, memories of and reflections on the encounters within hospitality and tourism contexts.