Dr Kamran Sarmadi PhD, MSc, BSc

Lecturer in Transport and Logistics Management

Key details

Dr Kamran Sarmadi

Dr Kamran Sarmadi

Lecturer in Transport and Logistics Management

Dr Kamran Sarmadi is a Lecturer in Transport and Logistics Management in the Department for Systems Management and Strategy at the University of Greenwich. He joined the University of Greenwich in November 2020. Prior to joining Greenwich, he was a research assistant at Newcastle University, UK. Kamran received his PhD in Operations and Supply Chain Management from Newcastle University Business School. He received an MSc with Distinction in Logistics & Supply Chain Management and a BSc in Industrial Engineering.

His main area of expertise is the application of operations research and mathematical programming into transport, logistics, operations, and supply chain management problems. His research focuses on optimising decision-making problems in logistics and supply chain management including network design and inventory control. Kamran is a research active academic, and his work appears in internationally recognised and high-impact journals, including Transportation Research Part B: Methodological (ABS/AJG 4*).

Kamran has designed, managed, and delivered a range of courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels on logistics, operations, and supply chain management. Some of the modules taught include Foundation of Scholarship and Research Methods, Operations Strategy and Management, Supply Chain and Logistics Modelling and Control, Contemporary Transportation and Logistics, and Passenger and Freight Transport.

Responsibilities within the university


Kamran teaches across several postgraduate and undergraduate modules in the Business School. These include “Foundation of Scholarship and Research Methods”, “Operations Management”, “Contemporary Transportation and Logistics”, “Passenger and Freight Transport”, and “Business Planning & Development”.

He also leads postgraduate module “Passenger and Freight Transport” and undergraduate module “Contemporary Transportation and Logistics”.

MA Supervision

Kamran supervises dissertation for MA Logistics and Supply Chain Management students.

Administrative activities

Kamran is involved in different administrative activities of Department for Systems Management and Strategy.

Research / Scholarly interests

Kamran’s expertise mainly lies in optimisation of problems in logistics, operations, and supply chain management:

  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Modelling, simulation, and optimisation for OSCM problems
  • Container shipping supply chains
  • Supply chain/Transport network design
  • Inventory management and control

His research focuses on developing mathematical models to optimise decisions within transport, logistics, and supply chain contexts. He uses various operational research approaches such as linear programming, stochastic programming, and robust optimisation to address real-world issues under uncertain environment. Considering problems uncertainties could lead to more robust and rigorous outputs which could help business success, environmental payoff, and societal development.

Recent publications

Journal Articles

  • Sarmadi, K., Amiri-Aref, M., Dong, J.-X. and Hicks, C. (2020) 'Integrated strategic and operational planning of dry port container networks in a stochastic environment', Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 139, pp. 132-164.
  • Li, JX., Liu, B., Sun, Q., Sarmadi, K., Gao, Y., Dang, Y., Dong, JX. 'Load shifting of a supplier-based demand response of multi-class subscribers in smart grid', International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering 2019, Forthcoming. In Press.

Conference Items

  • Sarmadi, K., Amiri-Aref, M., Dong, J.-X. (2019), 'Robust Optimisation of Dry Port Location in Container Shipping Industry', Presented in the Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (MSOM) Conference. 2019, National University of Singapore (NUS).
  • Amiri-Aref, M., Dong, J.-X., Sarmadi, K. (2018), 'Dynamic Location-Inventory Optimization for Inland Container Fleet Management with Uncertain Demand', StochMod 2018 International Conference, Lancaster, UK, 2018.