Dr Kyla Sankey

Dr Kyla Sankey BA, LLM, PhD

Research Assistant

Before joining Greenwich, Kyla taught at the School of Business and Management at Queen Mary, University of London, and the International Development Studies department at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Canada.

Research / Scholarly interests

Kyla's research interests include political economy of development, local development, and labour and social movements in Latin America, with a focus on Colombia. She has published on a range of topics, including socio-territorial conflicts, labour and peasant movements in Colombia, political economy of development in Latin America, and with Ronaldo Munck editing a special issue on social movements and progressive governments in Latin America.

Recent publications


(Submitted) Autonomy and Class: New Peasantries in  Colombia's frontier and coffee zones. Journal of Agrarian Change.

(2019, with Ronaldo Munck) Social movements, progressive governments and the problem of strategy. Introduction to Special Issue of Latin American Perspectives.

(Submitted October 2018) "From Cold War Origins to The Neoliberal Order: Formation, Trajectory and Social Base of Colombia's Far-Right" article submitted as part of the Emancipatory Rural Politics research project.

2018 "The Political Economy of Mining in Colombia: The New Face of Globalization?" Latin American Perspectives. 45.5:  52–70

2016 (with Ronaldo Munck)  "Rethinking Development in Latin America: The Search for Alternative Paths in the Twenty-first Century." Journal of Developing Societies 32.4: 334-361.

2015 "Peasant Revolts in an Era of Globalization: Bringing Political Economy Back in" Critical Sociology, 1–11

2014 "El Extractivismo a la Colombiana" In Estudios Criticos del Desarrollo Vol 2. Zacatecas

2013 "Desarrollo rural y reforma agraria en Colombia: ¿prosperidad para todos?": Observatorio de desarrollo. No. 6. Zacatecas

2013 "Mujeres y la reproducción social: la otra crisis del agua" Observatorio de desarrollo. No. 7. Zacatecas

Book chapters

2017 "Communities Against Capital? The Politics of Resistance to Palm Oil Expansion in Colombia" In Bonnano, A. and Wolf, S. The New Frontier of Resistance in Global Agri-Food. Routledge

2014 "The Mining Boom: A Motor of Development or Resistance?" In: The New Extractivism: A post-neoliberal development model or imperialism of the twenty-first century? Petras, J and Veltmeyer, H; Zed Books

Encyclopedia entries

2017 "Social Revolts". In: The SAGE Encyclopaedia of Political Behaviour

Editor 2017-2018 Special Edition of Latin American Perspectives journal on the relation between social movements and progressive governments


2019Peasant Autonomy panel: University of Wageningen

2019"Rural peace and socio-territorial movements in Colombia." SOAS Agrarian Change seminar series

2018"The Political Economy of Extractivism in Colombia" XXXVI International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association

2018"Land-grabbing, mining and new socio-environmental conflicts in Colombia" 4th Annual Conference of the World-Ecology Research Network, Helsinki

2018"From Cold War Origins to The Neoliberal Order: Formation, Trajectory and Social Base of Colombia's Far-Right" Authoritarian Populism and the Rural World, International Institute of Social Studies, the Hague

2017"Communities Against Capital? The Politics of Resistance to Palm Oil" XIV World Congress of Rural Sociology

2016"Class Formation and New Peasant Social Movements" Historical materialism

2015  "The Politics of Natural Resource Extraction: Actors and Strategies" The Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID)

2015"Peasants and Global Capitalism" Acadia University, Social and Political Thought conference (winner of best presentation)

2014  "Agrarian Transformations and Peasant Resistance in Colombia" The Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID)