Dr Samuel Kusi

Dr Samuel Kusi DSc

Lecturer in Marketing

Key details

Dr Samuel Kusi

Lecturer in Marketing

Dr. Samuel Kusi is a Lecturer in Marketing at the Greenwich Business School since 2021. Prior to that he worked at University of Vaasa, Finland as a post-doctoral researcher on entrepreneurial branding, sustainability and blockchain technology.

His research focuses primarily on the intersection of international entrepreneurship and branding. His research has been published in leading journals such as Journal of World Business and International Business Review.

Dr Kusi received his D.Sc. (Econs. & Bus Admin) with thesis title “Decision-making Logic in International Entrepreneurial Branding” from the University of Vaasa, Finland. His thesis developed a conceptual framework on brand development, brand awareness through digital platforms, decision-making logic in stable and uncertain environments for international small, medium enterprises (SMEs) including rapidly internationalizing SMEs.

Research / Scholarly interests

  • International Entrepreneurship
  • International branding
  • Decision-making Logic under uncertainty
  • More Sustainable Brand Consumption
  • Branding and Blockchain Technology

Key funded projects

Research Project Leadership

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow on BizPub project (2021) – Investigates Blockchain technology implementation in Public and Private sector and leadership competencies.

Project researcher on a Business Finland multi-million Euro funded projects (Jun – Sept. 2020): SolarX – Maximizing PV integration capacity in energy and power systems - Maximizing PV integration capacity in energy and power systems: external funding of €2,140,000 (University of Vaasa €429,000) and project budget of €3,015,656 (University of Vaasa €597,105) a project in co-operation with University of Vaasa and Aalto University, Finland and business partners ABB, Ampner, Emtele, Vaasan Sähkö, Danfoss, Wapice, VEO and FLEXIMAR.

Coordinated a €360,000 Business Finlandfunded project (2019): International New Ventures in Health Industry: Growth and decision-making. Project in co-operation with University of Vaasa and University of Eastern Finland and business partners – Crown Cro Oy, Ergorest Oy, and World Vision International, Finland.

He has also individually applied and successfully received research grants from:

  • Foundation of Economic Education Grant €15,000 for Post-Doctoral Research (Nov. 2020)
  • Foundation of Economic Education Grant of €2,500 to attend AIB Annual Conference 2020, Miami, Florida (Nov. 2019)
  • Foundation of Economic Education Grant of €15,000 for doctoral research and thesis (Nov. 2018)
  • Finnish Cultural Foundation (Regional Fund) Grant of €24,000 (among 90 grantees out of 458 applicants) (May  2018)
  • Yksityisyrittajain Saatio (Private Entrepreneurs’ Foundation) grant of €8,000 for article publication (Dec. 2015)

Recent publications

  • Kusi, Samuel Yaw., Gabrielsson, Peter and Baumgarth, Carsten. How classical and entrepreneurial brand management increases the performance of internationalising SMEs? Journal of World Business (ABS 4) – 2022.
  • Kusi, Samuel Yaw., Gabrielsson, Peter and Kontkanen, Minnie. Developing brand identities for international new ventures under uncertainty: Decision-making and psychic distance logics. International Business Review (ABS 3) - 2021.


  • Kusi, Samuel, Arinze Nwoba, and Ogechi Adeola. Autonomous Decision-making logic in Internationalising SMEs originating from an Emerging Economy. Paper presented at AMA Global Marketing SIG, Crete – Greece, 31 May – June 2022. Effecting changes for submission to Journal of Business Research.
  • Kusi, Samuel Yaw, Ausrine Silenskyte, Shahzad Khuram, Sorin Dan. Conceptual exploration of what leadership skills blockchain technology adoption requires in global organizations. Paper presented at 7th AIB CEE Chapter Conference (Online), 16-19 November 2021.
  • Kusi, Samuel Yaw, Peter Gabrielsson and Leonidas C. Leonidou - Synthesizing international entrepreneurial branding research: Thematic analysis and ontological perspective. Paper presented at AMA Global Marketing SIG Conference, May 20-23, 2019, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Academy of International Business (Annual Conference) Paper Development Workshop, 1st July 2020.
  • Kusi, Samuel Yaw (2018), Digital Infrastructure as Branding Strategy for Young Internationalizing Firms. Paper presented at G-Forum Conference, 10-12 October 2018, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Kusi, Samuel Yaw and Peter Gabrielsson (2018), Decision-making Logic and Brand Orientation of Small medium-sized Enterprises: The Performance Consequences. Paper presented at AMA Global Marketing SIG Conference, May 21-23, 2018, Santorini, Greece.
  • Kusi, Samuel Yaw and Peter Gabrielsson (2017), Decision-making Logic and Brand Orientation of International New Ventures: The Performance Consequences of Strategic Fit. Paper presented at 43rd Annual Conference of the European International Business Academy (EIBA), 14-16 December 2017, School of Management, Politecnico Di Milano, Milan, Italy.
  • Kusi, Samuel Yaw, Gabrielsson, Peter, and Kontkanen, Minnie (2016). Effectual Brand Identity Development in International New Ventures. Paper presented at and Recommended for Emerald Journal “CPoIB” Paper Award and AIB-UKI Palgrave book for 43rdAIB-UKI Conference, 7-9 April 2016 – Birkbeck, University of London, London, UK.