Dr Stefano  Ghinoi

Dr Stefano Ghinoi PhD

Senior Lecturer in Economic Sociology

Dr Stefano Ghinoi is a Senior Lecturer in Economic Sociology at the Department of Economics and International Business. Before joining the University of Greenwich, he worked as a post-doc researcher at the University of Helsinki (Finland) and the University of Bologna (Italy).

He received a PhD in Economic Statistics from the University of Bologna, Department of Statistical Sciences, in 2016. He worked as a consultant for private companies and public authorities in Italy and other European countries, and he has teaching experience in Microeconomics, Statistics, and Social Network Analysis. His main research interests include economics of innovation, sustainability and climate change, organizational networks, and policy evaluation.

Responsibilities within the university

  • Module leader
  • Mentor for the Mentorship Programme at the Doctoral Society
  • PhD supervisor
  • Member of the PGT Student Experience Team
  • Member of the Organising Committee for the 6th European Conference on Social Networks (organized by the University of Greenwich)


  • Unsung Hero of the Year, Staff Awards 2022 University of Greenwich


  • Member of the PLOS ONE Editorial Board
  • Member of the SN Business & Economics Editorial Board
  • Reviewer for: Research & Politics; R&D Management; Ecological Economics; Journal of Environmental Management; International Journal of Manpower; Ecological Indicators; Economic Modelling
  • Visiting Scholar at the University of Helsinki (Finland)
  • Visiting researcher at the University of Naples “L’Orientale” (Italy)
  • Visiting researcher at the Federal University for Latin American Integration (Brazil)
  • Member of INSNA – International Network for Social Network Analysis
  • Member of EGOS – European Group for Organizational Studies
  • Member of HELSUS - Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science
  • Member of the Eco-welfare research group (University of Trieste)

Research / Scholarly interests

Dr Stefano Ghinoi is currently working on the following research projects:

  • The role of local stakeholders in developing a circular economy system.
  • How intra-organizational knowledge networks foster business model innovation in SMEs and large companies.
  • Mapping political discourse on climate change, using Discourse Network Analysis to detect patterns of collaboration among policymakers.

Recent publications


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Book section

De Vita, Riccardo , Gaeta, Giuseppe Lucio, Silvestri, Francesco, Ghinoi, Stefano (2023), Italian inner areas' strategic plans: a textual network analysis of the Appennino Emiliano and Madonie case studies. Taylor and Francis - Routledge. In: , , In: María del Carmen Sánchez-Carreira, Paulo Jorge Reis Mourão, Bruno Blanco-Varela (eds.), European Regional Policy and Development: Forgotten Regions and Spaces. Taylor and Francis - Routledge, London (1st) . pp. 1-16 . ISBN: 9781003256281 (doi: https://doi.org/10.4324/9781003256281).

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Conference item

Correggi, Cecilia , Ghinoi, Stefano, Di Toma, Paolo (2022), Business models towards circular economy: a bibliometric analysis. In: 6th European Conference on Social Networks, 12th to 16th September 2022, Networks and Urban Systems Centre at the University of Greenwich, London , . , (doi: https://eusn2022.org/) NB Item availability restricted.

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Working paper

Wesz, Valdemar J. , Piras, Simone, Grisa, Catia, Ghinoi, Stefano (2021), Assessing Brazilian agri-food policies: what impact on family farms?. arXiv. In: , , , . arXiv, (doi: https://arxiv.org/abs/2105.14996).

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