Dr Uros Delevic

Dr Uros Delevic


Dr Uros Delevic is a Lecturer at the School of International Business and Economics, University of Greenwich and also holds academic posts at the University College London. Prior to re-joining academia, he worked at Deutsche Bank in London on trading in financial markets. Uros is still involved in consulting major multinational corporations and implementing research findings into a practical corporate-level strategy.

Uros is known for translating complicated political-economy issues into plain language, so his analyses have drawn the interest of many outside academia, including national and international media. He has been invited to present evidence at the House of Lords - the upper house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Research / Scholarly interests

Dr Delevic's research is at the intersection of economic policy and international business, focusing on structural economic issues. He investigates theoretical and empirical tensions around the relationship between public policies on foreign direct investments, international trade, labour market and sustainable economic development.

His research has been published by the United Nation's Journal of Transnational Corporations, informing policymakers on how to steer trade and investment policies so that they produce growth that is more inclusive and sustainable.

Recent publications

Delevic, U., 2020. Employment and state incentives in transition economies: are subsidies for FDI ineffective? The case of Serbia. Journal of Transnational Corporations, 28(1).

Delevic, U. and Heim, I., 2017. Institutions in transition: Is the EU integration process relevant for inward FDI in transition European economies?. Eurasian Journal of Economics and Finance, 5(1), pp.16-32.

Delevic, U. and Kennel, J., 2022. Multinationals and wages: Evidence from employer-employee data in Serbia. Economic Annals, 67(232)