Emmanuel Mogaji

Dr Emmanuel Mogaji PhD, MA, PgCert, FHEA, BSc

Senior Lecturer in Advertising and Marketing Communications: Programme Leader MA Strategic Advertising and Marketing Communications

Key details

Dr Emmanuel Mogaji

Senior Lecturer in Advertising and Marketing Communications: Programme Leader MA Strategic Advertising and Marketing Communications

Dr Emmanuel Mogaji has a PhD in Marketing, and he joined the University of Greenwich in 2017 as a Lecturer in Advertising and Marketing Communications with a strong focus on service brands. He was previously at the University of Bedfordshire from 2014 to 2017 where he was an Associate Lecturer and a researcher at the Business and Management Research Institute.

Emmanuel's primary areas of interest are ABCDE of Marketing Communications – Advertising | Branding | Communications | Digital | Ethics. He has studied attitude towards brands and advertisement through various media such as print and social. He published peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and presented his works in a large number of national and international conferences.

He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), which demonstrates his teaching philosophy and commitment to encouraging experiential learning. He believes in giving students the opportunity to learn by doing, to think outside the box and to challenge norms. This process critically engages students in real-life applications of what they have learnt.

Emmanuel has previously worked as a marketing communication executive, responsible for creative designs and managing marketing campaigns, liaising and building relationships with a range of stakeholders.


Emerald Literati Award for article "Surprise me with your ads! The impacts of guerrilla marketing in social media on brand image" published in Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics.

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Artificial Intelligence for creating emotional appealing advertisements
  • Creative and cultural design of advertisements
  • Reflecting diversity in Advertisements
  • Marketing Higher Education, especially in Africa
  • Financial Services Marketing
  • Attitude towards brands services
  • Service Quality and Customer Experience.

Key funded projects

Sportswomen As Brand Ambassadors
Seedling Funds from the University of Greenwich.
Sports personalities are considered as vehicles for advertisements or product endorsement, and athletes who carry symbolic messages can attract companies seeking effective endorsers. Furthermore, the established brand value of the athlete will help his/her post-athletic career because well-branded athletes can leverage their brand value through their post-athletic career.
The purpose of the research project is to discuss the prospect of female sports personalities from brand endorsement point of view, raising the question whether they can be seen as a human brand with possibilities of earning a significant amount of money from endorsement contracts.

It has to be acknowledged that the media and the brands are for-profit entities and they are more interested in increasing profit; perhaps due to lack of media coverage, the general public may not be as aware of them and, advertisers may not be able to tap into their brands to endorse their products or services. Maybe the brands/advertisers do not consider them commercially viable enough to front their campaign, However, this research will highlight how effort should be made, it possible and justifiable to ensure equal opportunities for both genders regarding endorsement.

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Recent publications

Book chapters:

Emmanuel Mogaji (2016): University Website Design in International Student Recruitment: Some Reflections In Terry Wu and Vik Naidoo (Ed.), International Marketing of Higher Education. Palgrave Macmillan. p99-117. ISBN 978-1-137-54291-5, DOI: 10.1057/978-1-137-54291-5

Emmanuel Mogaji (forthcoming): Attitude to Brands and Advertisement: Qualitative and Thematic Analysis of Social Media Data In Bikramjit Rishi and Subir Bandyopadhyay (Ed.), Contemporary Issues in Social Media Marketing. Routledge (Under Review)


Emmanuel Mogaji and Annie Danbury (2017): Making the Brand Appealing: Advertising Strategies and Consumers' attitude towards UK Retail Bank Brands. Journal of Product & Brand Management, 27 (4)

Emmanuel Mogaji, Barbara Czarnecka and Annie Danbury (forthcoming): Emotional Appeals in UK Business-to-Business Financial Services Advertisement. International Journal of Bank Marketing.

Emmanuel Mogaji (2016): Marketing Strategies of United Kingdom Universities during Clearing and Adjustment. International Journal of Educational Management, 30(4), pp.493 – 504.

Emmanuel Mogaji (2016): This advert makes me cry: Disclosure of Emotional Response to Advertisement on Facebook. Cogent Business & Management, 3: 1177906 

Emmanuel Mogaji, Temitope Farinloye and Stella Aririguzoh (2016): Factors shaping attitudes towards UK bank brands: An exploratory analysis of social media data. Cogent Business & Management, 3(1), 1223389.

Emmanuel Mogaji (2015): Reflecting a diversified country: a content analysis of newspaper advertisements in Great Britain. Marketing Intelligence & Planning 33 (6), 908-926.


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