Franziska Sohns

Dr Franziska Sohns

Franziska Sohns

Dr Franziska Sohns

Lecturer in International Business

Department of International Business and Economics

Faculty of Business

Franziska joined the University of Greenwich in January 2018. Previously, she was employed as a research and teaching fellow at the University of Cologne where she did her PhD in Economic Geography. Franziska has been focusing on a range of topics, including retail networks in rural Germany, and micro entrepreneurship in rural Vietnam. She is also a member of the Regional Study Association (RSA) and the Global Network on Financial Geography (FinGeo). Moreover, she holds a position as Honorary Research Associate at the School of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford.

  • Academic tutor: Global Networks and Innovation (2018), Foundation of Scholarship & Research (2018)
  • Personal tutor at undergraduate and postgraduate level
  • PhD student supervisor (possible topics – see research interests)

Franziska's main research interests focus on economic decision making processes under uncertainty, in particular in times of changing institutional and political settings. As an economic geographer, she is particularly interested in how the behaviour of economic actors shape regional economic development and how the behaviour of economic actors is influenced by regional characteristics. Using quantitative methods, she works on four main domains of research:

1. Economic Geography

2. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

3. Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries

4. Economic implications of institutional and political change

Sohns, F. and J. Revilla Diez (2018). Explaining micro entrepreneurship in rural Vietnam – a multilevel analysis. In: Small Business Economics 50(1): 219-237.

Sohns, F., and J. Revilla Diez (2017). Self-Employment and Its Influence on the Vulnerability to Poverty of Households in Rural Vietnam – A Panel Data Analysis. In: Geographical Review 107(2): 336 – 359.

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Sohns, F. (2017). The Influence of Brexit on entrepreneurial behaviour: A factorial survey analysis of London's FinTech Industry. RSA Winter Conference, London, UK, November 16-17.

Sohns, F. (2017). The hidden effects of natural disasters on FDI attraction – A sector based analysis over time and space. RSA Winter Conference, London, UK, November 16-17.

Sohns, F. (2017). Who survives over time? – A multilevel survival analysis of micro enterprises in rural Vietnam. AAG Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, April 5-9.

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