Dr Mariya Eranova MSc, PHD

Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management

Key details

Dr Mariya Eranova

Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management

Mariya graduated in Oriental Studies at Novosibirsk State University in Russia. Before joining the University of Greenwich as a Lecturer in Strategic Management, she spent eight years in China working and doing her research. She worked as a director of representative office of a Russian company in China and was responsible for establishing a quality control system, negotiating with local suppliers, placing and controlling orders at factories. She did her Masters in International Business at the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China, and recently completed her PhD programme in Strategy there. Mariya is fluent in Chinese and Russian.

Responsibilities within the university:

Teaching at undergraduate (Managing Strategy, Introduction to Business Processes) and postgraduate levels (Global Strategy).

Teaching and administrative activities

MPhil/PhD supervision

Research / Scholarly interests

Strategy, strategy-as-practice, decision making, paradox, China, East-West differences

Recent publications

Prashantham, S., Eranova, M. & Khamisani, V. (2019) How entrepreneurs and managers can find common ground in big data. The Economist Intelligence Unit

Prashantham, S. & Eranova, M., 2018. Cultural differences in paradoxical tensions in strategy episodes. Long Range Planning, doi.org/10.1016/j.lrp.2018.09.001

Prashantham, S., Eranova, M., & Couper, C. (2018). Globalization, entrepreneurship and paradox thinking. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 35 (1), 1-9.

Eranova, M., & Prashantham, S. (2017). Paradoxical cognition and decision quality: The moderating effects of flexibility and rationality. Academy of Management Proceedings 2017(1), 14282 Academy of Management.

Eranova, M., & Prashantham, S. (2016). Decision making and paradox: Why study China?. European Management Journal, 34(3), 193-201.

Eranova, M., & Prashantham, S. (2014). Decision Making Process: Conceptualizing How Chinese and Western Managers Differ. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2014(1), 12754


Eranova, M. and Prashantham, S. (2014). "Decision-making process: conceptualizing how Chinese and Western managers differ". The 74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AoM), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Eranova, M. and Prashantham, S. (2015). "Contingency- versus paradox-based responses to strategic decision-making tensions". Annual Meeting of the European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS), Athens, Greece.