Minjie Cai

Dr Minjie Cai BA Hons, MRes, PhD, PGCert

Lecturer in Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Key details

Dr Minjie Cai

Lecturer in Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Dr Minjie Cai joined the University of Greenwich in December 2018 as a Lecturer in Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour. She previously held a lectureship position at the University of Buckingham after completing her PhD in Organisation Studies at Cranfield School of Management. Minjie has been a member in the HRM Special Interest Group Committee at the British Academy of Management since 2017. She is also an Associate Fellow at the Advance High Education (previously Academy of Higher Education).

Minjie is primarily interested in examining the rationality and irrationality of Human Resource Management. She frequently deploys sociological lenses to explore the role of norms and identities in influencing individual and organisational practices related to work and employment in the context of transitional economies, changing social structures, and political uncertainties. Her recent research projects respectively probe ethnicity and workplace inclusion, employee wellbeing in enforced remote working, and the extremity of frontline work during the pandemic. As an educator, Minjie focuses on cultivating a learning environment that enables intellectual stimulations and psychological safety though advocating diverse perspectives and an evidence-based approach to classroom debates and discussions. Her teaching champions students' personal and work experience.


  • Communication Officer, Human Resource Management Special Interest Group, British Academy of Management
  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy

Research / Scholarly interests

Dr Minjie Cai's research interests include:

  • The rationality and irrationality of HR decisions
  • Social capital in work and employment
  • Symbolic violence and power relations in organisational life
  • Workplace identities and inclusion
  • Boundaryless career

Recent publications


Cai, Minjie , Tindal, Scott, Tartanoglu Bennett, Safak (2020), ‘It’s like a war zone’: Jay’s liminal experience of normal and extreme work in a UK supermarket during the COVID-19 pandemic. SAGE Publications. In: , , , . SAGE Publications, Work, Employment, and Society, 35 (2) . pp. 386-395 ISSN: 0950-0170 (Print), 1469-8722 (Online) (doi: https://doi.org/10.1177/0950017020966527).

Conference item

Cai, Minjie and , (2017), Bourdieusian symbolic violence and Confucian harmony: the generality and particularity of domination and struggles in organisational Life. British Academy of Management 2017 Conference Proceedings. In: British Academy of Management Annual Conference 2017, 5th-7th September 2017, Conventry , Recent political debates surrounding the EU referendum in the UK and the US presidential election have raised the questions about the role of academic intellects in public engagement and the challenges of bridging the divides in societies. Drawing on Pie. British Academy of Management 2017 Conference Proceedings, Warwick (doi: ) NB Item availability restricted.

Conference proceedings

Cai, Minjie and , (2019), The implications of perceived workplace inclusion for attracting and retaining the younger workforce with diverse backgrounds. British Academy of Management. In: , , , BAM2019 CONFERENCE PROCEEDING. British Academy of Management, . ISBN: 9780995641327 (doi: https://www.bam.ac.uk/human-resource-management-0) NB Item availability restricted.


Moore, Sian , Ball, Chris, Cai, Minjie, Flynn, Matt , Mulkearn, Ken (2021), Research into Covid-19 workplace safety outcomes. Trades Union Congress and University of Greenwich. In: , , , . Trades Union Congress and University of Greenwich, London (1st) (doi: https://www.tuc.org.uk/research-analysis/reports/research-covid-19-workplace-safety-outcomes-food-and-drinks-sector).