Riccardo De Vita

Dr Riccardo De Vita PhD, MSc, FHEA, CMBE

Head of School for Business, Operations and Strategy

Key details

Dr Riccardo De Vita

Head of School for Business, Operations and Strategy

Riccardo De Vita firstly joined the University of Greenwich in 2009 as a Lecturer in Economic Sociology. Previously he worked at Universita Carlo Cattaneo LIUC (Italy), where he obtained his PhD. Riccardo left the University of Greenwich in April 2018, when he was Head of Department – International Business and Economics, to take up the role of Academic Director at UK College of Business and Computing. In January 2020 returned to Greenwich as Head of Department – Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour and is now the Head of School for Business, Operations and Strategy.

Additionally, Riccardo has extensive experience as external examiner and panel member to different validation events. His experience allowed him to be mentoring several colleagues pursuing fellowship with the Higher Education Academy.

Riccardo is currently undertaking a DBA in Higher Education Management at the University of Bath.

Responsibilities within the university

Teaching and administrative activities

  • Head of School for Business, Operations and Strategy
  • Course leader: Business Ethics and CSR (2008/09), Global Enterprise and Innovation (2009/10)
  • Personal tutor/project supervisor at undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  • Member of the School Board Formal Constitution, departmental representative
  • MPhil/PhD supervision, L. Liang, second supervisor from September 2011. Proposed thesis title: The Impact of Social Networks on Inter-Organisational Collaboration in Innovation.


2016/2017 University wide, students' led, "Personal Tutor of the Year" award, University of Greenwich

2012/2013 Shortlisted for the "University of Greenwich Recognition" award for his contribution to the student experience

2009 Paper shortlisted for the "Microsoft" award for research on the social network structures of software development, XXIX Sunbelt Social Network Conference, San Diego (CA)


Riccardo was an Executive member of the UK Association for Social Network Analysis and organised the yearly UK Social Networks Conference. He is member of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA), Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and Certified Business and Management Educator (CMBE) from the Chartered Association of Business Schools.

Research / Scholarly interests

In his research, Riccardo applies social network analysis to a wide range of business issues. His recent work focuses on the study of innovation networks as well as applications of social network analysis to the higher education management field. An active member of the Center for Business Network Analysis (CBNA), he has successfully supervised three PhD students and is regularly involved in the delivery of methodological courses.

Key funded projects

De Vita R. (2018), Strengthening community care and prevention: an interorganizational analysis of the Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network

The project consisted in the mapping of the Wandsworth Health and Care Ecosystem. Findings revealed the structure of the local communication network, its potential and vulnerabilities and provided support to the local network manager to promote further support and growth. The research integrated qualitative research methods with Social Network Analysis.

Sinatra A. & De Vita R. (2016), Organizational networks in the Italian footwear industry, Italian Association for footwear productions

This project leveraged data collected through social network questionnaires and focus groups to explore the collaborative and competitive dynamics in the footwear industry in Italy. The research emphasised the geographical dimension of such issues, by collecting data in the most renowned footwear regional clusters in Italy. Papers emanating from this research project are currently being submitted to international peer reviewed journals.

Conaldi G., De Vita R. & Chen. P.C. (2016) Online and offline networks in high-tech cluster formation and development, University of Greenwich

The project consisted in the creation of an original database integrating secondary data about the online networks linking firms in the East London Tech Cluster with primary data gathered from interviews with local entrepreneur and prominent actors. This project represented the starting point for the attraction of a PhD student currently taking part in a doctoral programme.

De Vita, R. and Conaldi, G. (2012) Re-defining the space for companies-communities interaction: how can firms leverage the innovative potential of open source software production model? Information Systems Dynamics (ISD) International Research Programme, CIGREF Foundation (FR). Value c. EUR20,000.

This project investigated the new business models emerging in the software industries and the interaction of large firms with online communities of software developers.

Cagliesi, G., De Vita, R., Tivegna, M., Della Bina, A. and Chan, P.Y. (2012) A news approach to trading in the exchange rate market: behaviour, information tools and network features of institutional and non-professional traders. University of Greenwich internal competitive funding. Value c. £6–7,000.

This research project was a trading simulation experiment developed in order to understand the relevance of relational and behavioural factors for the trading choices of non-professional traders.

De Vita, R. (2011) Reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation. Policy Network Analysis, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Indonesia. Value c. £7,500.

This consultancy/training project revolved around the analysis of those policy networks involving influential factors in the deforestation debate in several countries

Hawkes, D., Cagliesi, G., and De Vita, R. (2010) Understanding worklessness: a multi-method pilot study of worklessness in Greenwich. University of Greenwich internal competitive funding. Value c. £23,000.

This project analysed the behaviour of young people in Greenwich in order to develop a more fine-grained understanding of different forms of worklessness and to investigate the possibility of introducing behavioural economic principles that might affect the actions of individuals searching for a job.

Recent publications


De Vita, Katharina and , De Vita, Riccardo (2021), Expect the unexpected: investigating co-creation projects in a Living Lab. Talent First Network 2007–2022 (Open Source Business Resource). In: , , , . Talent First Network 2007–2022 (Open Source Business Resource), Technology Innovation Management Review, 11: 10 (9) . pp. 6-20 ISSN: 1927-0321 (Print), (doi: http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1461).

Ghinoi, Stefano , De Vita, Riccardo, Silvestri, Francesco (2021), Local policymakers' attitudes towards climate change: a multi-method case study. Elsevier B.V.. In: , , , . Elsevier B.V., Social Networks ISSN: 0378-8733 (Print), (doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.socnet.2021.09.001) NB Item availability restricted.

Ghinoi, Stefano , De Vita, Riccardo, Steiner, Bodo, Sinatra, Alessandro (2021), Knowledge networks and the role of family firms: The case of an Italian regional cluster. MDPI. In: , , , . MDPI, Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity, 7: 193 (3) 2199-8531 (Online) (doi: https://doi.org/10.3390/joitmc7030193).

De Vita, Riccardo and , Struetzel, Tania (2021), Editors' Introduction for SHIFT 2021 Special Edition. Educational Development Unit, University of Greenwich. In: , , , . Educational Development Unit, University of Greenwich, Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching, 14 (3) ISSN: 2044-0073 (Print), 2044-0081 (Online) (doi: https://doi.org/10.21100/compass.v14i3.1271).

Greve, Katharina , De Vita, Riccardo, Leminen, Seppo, Westerlund, Mika (2021), Living labs: From niche to mainstream innovation management. MDPI. In: , , , . MDPI, Sustainability, 12: 791 (2) 2071-1050 (Online) (doi: https://doi.org/10.3390/su13020791).

Cronin, Bruce , Perra, Nicola, Correa Da Rocha, Luis, Zhu, Zhen , Pallotti, Francesca , Gorgoni, Sara , Conaldi, Guido , De Vita, Riccardo (2020), Ethical implications of network data in business and management settings. Elsevier. In: , , , . Elsevier, Social Networks, 67 . pp. 29-40 ISSN: 0378-8733 (Print), (doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.socnet.2020.09.001).

De Vita, Katharina , Leminen, Seppo, De Vita, Riccardo, Westerlund, Mika (2020), Unveiling the diversity of scholarly debate on Living Labs: a bibliometric approach. Imperial College Press - World Scientific Publishing. In: , , , . Imperial College Press - World Scientific Publishing, International Journal of Innovation Management, 24: 2040003 (8) ISSN: 1363-9196 (Print), 1757-5877 (Online) (doi: https://doi.org/10.1142/S1363919620400034).

De Vita, Katharina and , De Vita, Riccardo (2014), Competence barriers to innovation: the case of German SMEs. University of Greenwich. In: , , , . University of Greenwich, The Beagle: a journal of student research and enterprise, 2 (2) . pp. 1-20 (doi: https://journals.gre.ac.uk/index.php/beagle/article/view/147/163).

Conference item

Ghinoi, Stefano and , De Vita, Riccardo (2015), Meta‐managers in Local Innovation System: a Network Perspective. In: XXXV Sunbelt Conference of INSNA, Tuesday, 23 June 2015 - Sunday, 28 June 2015, Hilton Metropole, Brighton, UK , . , (doi: ).


De Vita, Katharina , De Vita, Riccardo, Lopez-Gomez, Carlos, Masood, Tariq , Labruine, M , O'Sullivan, Eoin (2021), Manufacturing made smarter innovation hubs: a report for Innovate UK under the BEIS Futures framework. Institute for Manufacturing (IfM Engage) - University of Cambridge. In: , , , . Institute for Manufacturing (IfM Engage) - University of Cambridge, Cambridge (1st) (doi: ) NB Item availability restricted.

De Vita, Riccardo , De Vita, Katharina, Sarabi, Yasaman, Vasudevan, Srinidhi (2019), The Wandsworth healthcare ecosystem: an interorganizational perspective. Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network - WCEN. In: , , , . Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network - WCEN, London (1st) (doi: https://wcen.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/WCEN-report-20062019.pdf) NB Item availability restricted.

Working paper

Cronin, Bruce , De Vita, Riccardo, Conaldi, Guido (2015), Joining up the dots: Using social data to measure the effects of events on innovation. Nesta. In: , , , . Nesta, London, UK 2050-9820 (Online) (doi: https://www.nesta.org.uk/sites/default/files/joining_the_dots_working_paper_1513.pdf).