Dr. Wim Vandekerckhove

Dr Wim Vandekerckhove BA, PGCert, MA, PhD

Reader in Business Ethics

Key details

Dr Wim Vandekerckhove
BA, PGCert, MA, PhD

Reader in Business Ethics

Dr Wim Vandekerckhove holds a Phd in Applied Ethics from Ghent University.

His research interests include whistleblowing, transparency, precarity, and philosophy of management.

He has provided expertise on whistleblowing to various organisations, including Transparency International, Public Concern at Work, the Whistleblower Advice Centre in the Netherlands, the UK Department of Health, Public Services International, the British Standards Institute, the European Commission DG Justice, and the Council of Europe.

Responsibilities within the university

  • Learning enhancement coordinator for the department
  • Mentor for ECA


  • 2008 Philosophy of Management best paper award


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Convener of the ISO TC309 adhoc group on whistleblowing
  • Convener of the BSI committee on whistleblowing
  • Advisor to Transparency International – Belgium
  • Special advisor to Addveritas
  • Advisor to Middlesex Whistleblowing Unit
  • Advisor to the International Whistleblowing Research Network
  • Editor-in-Chief of Philosophy of Management

Research / Scholarly interests

Dr Vandekerckhove's current research interests include transparency, whistleblowing, and ethical aspects of information asymmetries. He has contributed to the refinement of conceptual tools to research whistleblowing, and is at the forefront of an emerging research stream on successful whistleblowing and internal speak-up arrangements.

Key funded projects

The Dutch Whistleblowers Authority in an international perspective: a comparative study (2017)

This research compares the institutional landscapes around whistleblowing in 11 countries: Australia, Belgium, France, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Serbia, Sweden, South Korea, USA, UK. The research was commissioned by the Whistleblowers Authority in the Netherlands (Huis van de Klokkenluider), and was carried out in collaboration with Utrecht University.

Successful Speak-Up arrangements for whistleblowers – A multicase study on whistleblowing, trust, and culture. (2015-16)

This research was funded by ACCA and ESRC. It examined speak-up arrangements in 4 organisations across the world and from different sectors. The research provided findings and recommendations for effective speak-up processes and how these interact with trust and cultures in organisations. The project was carried out in collaboration with Warwick Business School and Queen's University Belfast.

Whistleblowing - The Inside Story (2012–13)

This research project was carried out in collaboration with Public Concern at Work, and analysed 1,000 cases from the Public Concern at Work whistleblower advice line. It traced responses of various internal and external recipients to whistleblowing at successive steps in the whistleblowing process.

Providing an Alternative to Silence – Protection of Whistleblowers in Belgium (2012–13)

This country report was commissioned by Transparency International as part of a project funded by the European Commission Prevention of and Fight Against Crime Programme. The research reviewed existing and developing legislation and attitudes relevant to whistleblowing in both public and private sector in Belgium.

UK Public Attitudes to Whistleblowing (2012)

This research surveyed a cross-sectional sample of the UK adult population (n=2,000) on their attitudes to whistleblowing. The measures for whistleblowing propensity were the same as similar data gathering in Australia and Iceland. Currently funding is sought to gather data in other countries. This data pooling will allow innovative cross-cultural whistleblowing research. A report is available upon request.