Colin Reeves

Dr Colin Reeves BA Hons Humanities, PGCE, MEd, PhD

Dr Colin Reeves
BA Hons Humanities, PGCE, MEd, PhD

Programme Leader, Physical Education & Sport

Department of Teacher Education

Faculty of Education and Health

Dr Colin Reeves is a Programme Leader for Physical Education and Sport in the Department of Secondary Education, Lifelong Learning Teacher Education (LLTE) and Physical Education (PE) & Sport, University of Greenwich.

As a lecturer at the University of Greenwich since 1987 he teaches on the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Secondary programme and a subject specialist supervisor for PE students on school placements.

Colin's current teaching areas include teaching physical education, contemporary issues in sport, enhancing PE & sport performance and the scientific aspects of sport.

Posts held previously:

  • 1982-87, Physical Education teacher at three Secondary schools in Buckinghamshire and Kent
  • Programme Leader Physical Education & Sport, Department of Secondary Education, LLTE and PE & Sport
  • Lecturer on the PGCE secondary programme
  • Specialist supervisor for PE students on school placements
  • External Examiner for PGCE Physical Education routes, University of Exeter and University of Brighton
  • Reviewer for Amsci [online], Perceptual and Motor Skills, USA based Journal

Colin's research interests are within physical education, exercise and sport. His doctoral research examined children during Primary to Secondary school transfer and the role of physical education during this process that led Colin to develop deeper interest in the relationship between physical education / physical activity and child development.

He has also published several papers that consider the phenomenon of the 'Home Advantage' theory in sport.

Funded research projects

  • 2009-11, Project Leader, developing and promoting the Bergman ┼Ésterberg Union archive. Olympic Challenges Fund (GRE)

Thomas, S., Reeves, C., Agombar, J. and Greenless, I. (2013).Personality Hardiness at Different Levels of Competitive Motorcycling. Perceptual and Motor Skills: Exercise & Sport, 116, 1, pp. 315-321.

Thomas, S., Reeves, C. and Bell, A. (2008). Home Advantage in the Six Nations Rugby Union Tournament. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 106, pp. 113-116.

Thomas, S., Reeves, C. and Smith, A. (2006). English Soccer Teams' Aggressive Behaviour When Playing Away from Home. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 102, pp. 317-320.

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Reeves, C. (1997). Primary to secondary school transfer and adjustment: the role of physical education. PhD. University of Greenwich.

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