Devanshi Niren Vikamsey

Devanshi Niren Vikamsey BA, MA, MSc

MPhil/PhD student

Devanshi has been in the field of Mental Health and psychology since the age of 18. She has interned and worked as a trainee teacher as well as a psychology intern with various organisations and pre schools in India as well as London. She has completed her Master's in Counselling psychology from India and MSc in Child and Adolescent Psychology from London, University of Greenwich. She is also a certificate Graphologist who can analyse an individual's personality through their handwriting. Currently she is pursuing MPhil/PhD in Psychology from London, University of Greenwich.

She has taught and nurtured more than 100 children from different families backgrounds successfully preparing them for their future endeavours during her bachelor's degree in India. She is a trained teacher and has worked as a teacher for 8 years in India
Along with double masters degree she has been professionally trained in various certified courses like, Early Childhood Education, shadow teaching, Child psychology, basics skills in testing and counselling and many more.
She is keen and motivated to work for the benifit of people who are going through mental health challenges.
Volunteering at NGO's, suicide prevention Helplines and child care organisations has motivated her to share her knowledge and expertise within our society.
In London she has worked as an intern at NHS CAMHS Bromley and De Vere Care where she worked as a trainee psychologist for autistic children.