Kat Vallely BEd, MA

Practitioner in Primary Teacher Education

Key details

Kat Vallely

Practitioner in Primary Teacher Education

Kat Vallely is a Practitioner of Primary Education at the University of Greenwich. 

Kat's previous experience is as a Key Stage 1 Primary school teacher with an Early Years teaching background. In addition to this role, Kat was employed for one day a week, by the School of Education at the University on a seconded contract within the English department. Kat has always considered teaching English a true passion and one which encourages her to strive incessantly to offer all children in her class, as well as the students at University, access to a broad, balanced, differentiated and relevant experience of English. 

Thus far, Kat's teaching career has enabled her to become an experienced Early Years and Key Stage 1 practitioner. From teaching across these two age phases of primary education, she has been able to develop a comprehensive understanding of the importance of early reading and writing, proactively providing children with the tools that are required if they are to develop the fundamental and essential communication skills in order to access all other areas of their education. It is through this comprehensive understanding of teaching that Kat injects passion, enthusiasm and creativity into the teaching practice, no matter the age of the student.

Kat has supported students from all of the teacher training routes that the School of Education offers including: PGCE students on their Initial and Final School Experience, students in all three years of the undergraduate degree, and a student on the Schools Direct Salaried route into teaching. As a class teacher, Kat supported students across both the Foundation Stage and key stage 1, and as a mentor, has continued to support students placed in key stage 2 classes.

Kat has been a Link Tutor to a number of students on both the PGCE and three year undergraduate courses. Through this work Kat has been able to support students during school visits and has observed them teaching and interacting with children. As well as enabling her to meet with the class teacher and/or mentor, providing a forum for all individuals to engage in open discussions.

Posts previously held:

  • St Alfage Primary, Greenwich, Class teacher/mentor
  • University of Greenwich, Seconded teacher 
  • Royal Borough of Greenwich,  Key stage one SATs moderator

Responsibilities within the university

Kat's main area of work is to teach Primary English courses to undergraduate, post graduate and School Direct students training to be primary teachers.  These courses entail the provision of subject enhancement as well as pedagogical training in all aspects of the English curriculum.

In addition, Kat will be teaching on the 'Engaging Primary Learners' course on the two-year accelerated degree programme in Primary Education. as well as continuing to act as a link tutor to primary initial teacher education students, through the assessment of, and guidance to, students and placement based link tutoring.


Kat was approached by the Royal Borough of Greenwich and asked to join their team of Key Stage 1 moderators. Since then Kat has taken the National training and passed the Key Stage 1 moderators test and is now a fully accredited moderator having spent time visiting various local schools and assessing the current standard of work. As a result of these assessments, additional opportunities to develop primary departments relationships and partnerships with the local borough have been founded, lending itself to further professional development and training, as well as student recruitment.

Research / Scholarly interests

Kat has been actively carrying out research within her own Year 1 class in line with completion of her MA qualification. Kat is committed to action research and has been using her own research to improve the school context. Kats chosen area of study looks at the ways in which class teachers can best support children who are in the early stages of writing development.

Studying at a master's level has meant that Kat is up-to-date with recent and relevant developments in primary English and has successfully used this knowledge to enhance her skills in both my primary and higher education teaching roles.

Kat's developing skills as a researcher has meant that she has successfully supported students who were completing their final research projects resulting in each student receiving a First for these projects.