Nicky Tanner BEM

Nicky Tanner B.E.M BSc Hons, RGN, Dip HE: Adult Nursing, V300 Non-Medical Prescriber

Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing

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Nicky Tanner B.E.M

Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing

Nicky was given a B.E.M in the Queens birthday honours list in 2020 for services to homeless people. He worked for many years as a specialist outreach nurse for homeless people in central London, developing, innovating and delivering healthcare in walk-in clinics, doctors surgeries and on the streets.

Qualifying as a nurse practitioner and non-medical prescriber, Nicky eventually became the lead nurse and worked closely with commissioners, charities, and local authorities to improve the health of local homeless people through immediate care and integrated referral pathways . He then moved to Medway to work as a nurse practitioner in a GP surgery while setting up a local homeless outreach nursing service.

Nicky has gained much experience of consultancy and public speaking at both local and national level. After leaving Medway he has worked as a senior safeguarding nurse at East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust, developing and implementing safeguarding training to hospital staff.

Nicky is interested in inclusion health and patient relationships seeking to equip nurses with the practical skills to close gaps in health inequality. He has worked in most areas of adult nursing including, community, hospital, surgical nursing, practice nursing, telephone triage and now teaching!


B.E.M British Empire Medal (Queens Birthday Hons 2020)