Ros Delaney

Ros Delaney ADM, RGN, RM, BSc Hons, PGCEA, MA

Ros Delaney

Ros Delaney

Senior Lecturer, Sexual Health

Department of Family Care and Mental Health

Faculty of Education and Health

Rosaleen Delaney is a Senior Lecturer for Sexual Health in the Department of Family Care & Mental Health at the University of Greenwich.

Since 2009, Ros joined the university as senior lecturer in midwifery for a number of years, and then for sexual health, developing the university's current sexual health framework. She also became programme leader and lecturer on various aspects of sexual health on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, with a particular focus on contraception and related issues.

In 2009-10, Ros was a member of the project development group for a NICE guideline on contraceptive services for socially disadvantaged young people. She has maintained her professional links in both midwifery and sexual health in local Trusts as Link tutor for midwifery students and practicing midwives at Darent Valley Hospital, Dartford and as well as working in a sexual health clinic once a week.

As lecturer, her interests are: sexual health encompasing contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and cervical cytology, for various courses on the undergraduate midwifery programme, as well as nurses in biology related to reproductive health, and both undergraduate and postgraduate nurses of all disciplines on maternal and child health related to pregnancy and neonatal care.

Posts held previously:

  • 2008, Nurse Lead for sexual health (part-time secondment), West Kent PCT
  • 1990–present, Pre-registration Midwifery Lecturer and Course Coordinator for midwifery courses, Dartford and Gravesham School of Midwifery, Thames College of Health Care Studies and the University of Greenwich
  • Senior Lecturer, Sexual Health, Department of Family Care & Mental Health
  • Lecturer and Programme leader on pre-registration and post-registration courses
  • Link tutor
  • Member of the Sexual Health Research Group
  • Member of the Advisory group
  • Reviewer of articles on sexual health for Practice Nurse Journal
  • Reviewer of articles on contraception for Faculty of RSH Journal

Ros' research interests are mainly concerned with sexual health and young people, contraception and sexual health related to midwifery.

As a member of the university Sexual Health Research Group, Ros assists in writing the proposals for funding. Furthermore, she has supported an expert focus group investigating sexual health outreach work in a local Trust. She is also a member of the Advisory group on the University's project: Acceptability of Intrauterine Contraception.


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