Sophie MacKenzie BA Hons, PGCertHE, MSc

Senior Lecturer, Speech & Language Therapy

Key details

Sophie MacKenzie

Sophie MacKenzie
BA Hons, PGCertHE, MSc

Senior Lecturer, Speech & Language Therapy

Sophie MacKenzie is a Senior Lecturer for Speech and Language Therapy in the Department of Family Care & Mental Health at the University of Greenwich.

Sophie leads on the Acquired Communication Disorders course and lecturer on aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia, dementia, head and neck cancer. She also has responsibility for dysphagia training on the programme.

The Speech and Language programme is committed to client-centered care and strives to include service users in all areas of the curriculum. Sophie coordinates the delivery of lectures and seminars by service users, as well as the Conversation Partner Scheme, an integral learning experience for first-year students.

After joining the university in 2010, she has also become (since 2014) Programme Director for PGDip Speech and Language Therapy at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Posts held previously:

  • 2004-10, Clinical Manager for Speech and Language Therapy, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust
  • 2003-04, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist in Oncology, United Bristol Healthcare Trust
  • 2002, Acting Head of Speech and Language Therapy, Royal Hospital for Neurodisability, Putney

Responsibilities within the university

  • Senior Lecturer, Speech and Language Therapy, Department of Family Care & Mental Health
  • Course Leader and lecturer on Acquired Communication Disorders


  • External examiner: BSc Hons Speech and Language Therapy, Birmingham City University, 2013-present
  • External committee: HEI lead for a national working party, observed the dysphagia training and practitioner competencies. The completed new national guidelines for the profession were published in February 2015

Research / Scholarly interests

Sophie's PhD studies are on spirituality and aphasia, using a qualitative approach.


MacKenzie, S. (2016). Sacred work? Exploring spirituality with therapists working with stroke patients with aphasia. Journal for the Study of Spirituality, 6(1), pp. 78-88.

MacKenzie, S. (2015). Spirituality and Speech and Language Therapy. In: J, Stokes, and M. McCormick, eds., Speech and Language Therapy and Professional Identity: Challenging received wisdom.

MacKenzie, S., Gale, E. and Munday, R. (2006). The Putney Auditory Single Word Yes/No Assessment (PASWORD). Development of a reliable test of yes/no at a single word level in patients who are unable to participate in existing assessments which require a specific motor response: an exploratory study. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders, Mar-Apr, 41(2), pp. 225-34.

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