Tanja S. H. Wingenbach

Dr Tanja Wingenbach BSc, MSc, PhD

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Tanja Wingenbach joined the School of Human Sciences, Psychology and Counselling Portfolio, as a Lecturer in Psychology in May 2022. She received her PhD in Psychology from the University of Bath in 2016. Since then, Tanja undertook post-doctoral work at the University of Zurich/University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland, and the Mackenzie Presbyterian University in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before joining the University of Greenwich. Tanja takes an experimental psycho-physiological approach to emotion research.


  • Consulting Editor for ‘Emotion’
  • Associate Editor for ‘Social Psychological Bulletin’

Research / Scholarly interests

Tanja’s main research interests lie within the field of emotion research. She investigates the perception, processing, and expression of emotions on behavioural and biological levels in participants with and without deficits in emotion processing and social functioning. Tanja is particularly interested in facial emotional expressions and commonly uses facial electromyography in her work. She developed facial emotional expression video stimuli including intensity variations, which are available to researchers free of charge (see here). For publication list, please refer to GoogleScholar.